Learn How to Clear Negative and Limiting Beliefs, 

Core Wounds, Internal Resistance, and

Critical Voices – in Your Clients, and Yourself



Learn to create powerful, permanent transformation in your clients – by shifting beliefs, healing core wounds, eliminating habits of mind, and clearing resistance and blocks that interfere with their forward progress.


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September 18th, 2017

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stock-footage-mature-medical-consultant-in-office-with-patientAs a Change Agent, you make a powerful difference in your clients’ lives.

But your clients get stuck sometimes – jammed up in old patterns of thought or behavior. Caught up in their life dramas. Unable to take actions they know they should take. You move them forward one step, and they slide back.

They become disappointed, and you become frustrated. You know how to help them, but something always seems to get in their way.

More people are stopped or derailed by their own beliefs than by any external circumstance or limitation!






The Clear Beliefs Process

leap across chasmDo you know how to remove the resistance, blocks, and barriers that inevitably show up when your clients try to move forward?

Clear Beliefs is a comprehensive tool set for helping your clients banish their old beliefs, blocks, and upsets. It is easy-to-learn, effective, and enjoyable. It adds depth and power to your professional services because you can create real, immediate change that your client can feel immediately.

When your client clears a belief, there’s a palpable shift in their feelings and attitude. Resistance disappears, and motivation soars. Doubts, hesitancy, and self-criticism fade away. Self-esteem and personal power expand. Your clients are more able to handle difficult situations, and their lives, more easily and naturally. Your reputation will soar as a result. It’s an elegant, guided process that really works – whether you consult in person, via phone, or by Skype.

The Clear Beliefs process will be one of your most powerful tools to help your clients move forward.

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training gives you the tools for eliminating negative and limiting beliefs – permanently – from the subconscious mind. Best of all: you can learn this effective skill in only ten weeks of study and practice.

Imagine being able to reach down into your clients’ subconscious mind and simply delete the early programs and indoctrination they got when they were young.

They will be able to manifest their goals and desires much more easily. This is why they came to you in the first place!





Is the Clear Beliefs Coach Training for You?

24635-39856Coaches, psychotherapists, healers and consultants around the world use the Clear Beliefs technology to rapidly catalyze profound change in their clients’ lives. And of course, happy clients are the best source of new clients.

You know how your own resistance and blocks have impacted your life – and you can see the same thing happening in your clients’ lives.

Old negative and limiting beliefs prevent us from doing what we need to succeed. They create doubts, low self-esteem, fear, ambivalence, and procrastination. They impact our relationships, our attitude, our moods, and our behavior. Inner blocks directly interfere with the free flow of love, truth and wisdom in our lives.

Do you want the magical power to reach into your client’s mind and clear out what’s in the way?  If so, the Clear Beliefs Coach Training is for you. With the right technology, you can eliminate negative beliefs that have interfered with your happiness, productivity, relationships – or any part of your life.

The Clear Beliefs program offers you a set of integrated techniques that allow you to reach into the subconscious mind, and change those early programs. It is a powerful combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness practice, somatic awareness, guided imagery, and dialogue with inner parts. You’ll learn to customize the methods to your individual clients’ needs, and help your clients integrate new, empowering beliefs into their daily life and behavior.

When you learn to eliminate and transform your own limiting and negative beliefs, youll become unstoppable. When you help your clients clear their limiting and negative beliefs, your reputation will soar. You will be known as a practitioner who produces true, long-lasting transformation and success.






What makes the Clear Beliefs process unique and special?

finger popping bubble 12 You’ve heard it said: Your beliefs create your reality.

If this statement is true, you should be able to shift your reality – by changing your beliefs.

And this actually occurs! When you change a belief at the core of your psyche, your experience of reality changes, too – immediately. You see the world differently. You feel different than you did before. You are fundamentally transformed.

Sometimes these changes are dramatic. Sometimes they are subtle – because what has been in the way is simply… gone. What was closed is now open. What was unthinkable is now possible. What couldnt be seen is now visible – and actionable.

Some techniques (such as affirmations) attempt to overcome (or overpower) negative beliefs you have inside you. This is helpful – for a while. But those old beliefs eventually creep back in, like ghosts that return to haunt you again and again.

Other methods disrupt beliefs at the conscious level. You come to recognize that the belief isn’t actually true. This is helpful! For a while. Unfortunately, that conscious awareness doesn’t actually eliminate them from where they live – in the subconscious mind. They keep coming back to mind and you have to remind yourself – over and over – that they’re not true.

Some methods require tapping or muscle testing to find beliefs or clear their energetic signature. These methods are highly dependent on the skill of the practitioner. For many clients, they’re just too weird. This type of technique attempts to clear beliefs from the subconscious mind, but they don’t complete the job of eliminating them completely – so theyre not a permanent solution.

This is the acid test of any belief-change technology: Did the belief return? If it did, then the technique is only partially effective – or it was just a temporary band-aid.

The Clear Beliefs Process was designed to solve these problems and create permanent change by eliminating the belief completely. It does this by involving ALL parts of the Self in the process.

Apply the process to your own beliefs, and you’ll easily clear obstacles in your own path toward success. Apply it to your clients’ beliefs, and you’ll deliver immediate shifts, and immense value, resulting in more satisfaction and more referrals.

The “Secret Sauce” of this methodology is that the techniques give them a direct experience of their True Self – what we call “Creator Space – an expanded and transcendent view that produces joy and empowerment. They see who they really are, behind all of the drama and problems they have experienced in life. When this happens, inner barriers and old stories melt away. They begin to achieve more success with less resistance.

Listen to this Intro Call, including live demos with two volunteers.





Join the Community of Clear Beliefs Coaches

More than 250 therapists, coaches, healers and change agents around the world have graduated from the Clear Beliefs Coach training.

When you graduate, you will become part of a community of extraordinary beings who are intelligent, open-hearted, and generous. They are change agents committed to making the world better. You will have friends and colleagues across the world, in 12 different countries.

This course involves a deep and serious study of a new skill: communicating directly with the subconscious mind, and facilitating profound healing from the inside out. You will have stimulating and surprising experiences with the deep psyche, and the personal satisfaction of facilitating real healing and transformation. You will broaden your awareness and understanding of yourself, consciousness itself, and the Imaginal Realm – the place where our dreams, inner voices, and childhood imagination live.

Upon graduating from the course, you will be Certified as a Clear Beliefs Coach, able to immediately conduct sessions with your clients. The course squeezes years of learning into only twelve weeks.  True mastery of the material takes time and practice, of course. However, the detailed structure of the course provides you with all the skills you need to be successful in producing transformation in your clients from your very first session.

When you become a Clear Beliefs Coach, you have access to a suite of marketing tools, including our eBook, Clear Your Beliefs, the iPhone app, iClearIt, and our terrific 7-part recorded program which you can use as a foundation for your coaching practice. You will also become an Affiliate and receive revenues from any product or training referrals.






A Personal Note from Lion Goodman

pic Greetings! Thank you for showing up and learning about this training. I spent 40 years studying and practicing a wide variety of disciplines, including psychology, neurology, self-development, success principles, and dozens of techniques for consciousness change. When I realized that our beliefs were the fundamental building blocks underneath our perception of the world, and our experience of reality, I saw that they offered the optimum leverage point to create rapid, effective change. These are the basic principles behind the Clear Beliefs process:

  • Your beliefs began forming while you were inside your mother’s womb. In this case, “beliefs” should be thought of as “experiential conclusions.” Here’s an example: If your Mom felt fear because she was in dangerous circumstances (e.g., war, an abusive relationship, rejection, financial insecurity, etc.), her fear hormones pass through her placenta and into you, the developing fetus. Your body and brain developed within that pool of liquid fear, and thus experienced the world as “not-safe.” In the first two years of life, before we have language, beliefs form as experiences, feelings, and survival-based conclusions about the world.
  • Every belief creates a particular experience – a combination of thought, feeling, sensation, and urge to action (or inaction). You can test this yourself by trying on a belief, as if it’s 100% true, and feeling the sensations it creates in your body. For example, feel what it feels like to hold the belief, “There’s something wrong with me.” Really feel it, as if its 100% true. It feels awful, doesnt it? Then, feel what it feels like to hold the belief, “I am a sacred and worthy being.” Say it to yourself as if its 100% true, and feel what your body feels like. That feels better, doesnt it? You just proved that your beliefs create your experience. We use body sensations (somatic awareness) as a way of tapping into the oldest, deepest, non-verbal beliefs.
  • Beliefs don’t come with expiration dates. They don’t self-destruct when circumstances change – even though they’re no longer needed, or they begin to interfere with our life. New beliefs are added on top of a huge pile of previously accumulated beliefs. Beliefs operate like tiny experience-creating robots. Once a belief is installed and set in motion, it continues to create that particular experience. It produces its intended experience subtly, in the background. This is why we often struggle with feelings that re-occur, and we can’t get rid of them.
  • In order to eliminate a belief from consciousness, it must be consciously destroyed through an act of will – a ritual that allows the Higher Self to take responsibility for creating (or accepting) the belief in the first place, and then take action to un-create it. Once a negative belief is permanently deleted, what is felt is relief. This allows energy to flow again. Health is flow. Complete healing can occur.
  • Whenever you attempt to create something new, old beliefs get stimulated, and they jump up and re-assert themselves. This is as an automatic counter-action. This creates internal voices such as doubt, resistance, and self-criticism – which can easily destroy one’s motivation. This explains why so many good intentions go awry.
  • Personal difficulties (such as bad habits, addictions, procrastination, relationship problems, lack of success, weight gain, disease, etc.) are signals that old beliefs are operating in the background. When you clear the causal layer – beliefs at the core of the psyche – you can then choose a new belief that will create the experiences you want to have. This is like clearing the earth to make a garden – before you plant the seeds you want to grow.
  • Beliefs can be compared to the clothes we wear. Every day, you decide what outfit to wear, based on what will fit your activities and make you feel good. You change your clothes when you change your activities. You take work clothes off to put exercise clothes on. You take casual clothes off, and put party clothes on, appropriate for the event you’re attending. Imagine what your life would look like if you could change your beliefs as easily as your clothes – appropriate for the situation you’re in, and what you want to accomplish. Now you can.

With the Clear Beliefs process, changing your beliefs is now as easy as changing your clothes. The Clear Beliefs tools are Master Keys that open the locked doors of the deep psyche and expose the actual cause of our difficulties. There is no need for storytelling about the past, nor an understanding of clinical psychology. By focusing on beliefs themselves, we can facilitate true transformation – simply, easily, and professionally. And, the Clear Beliefs process is a joy to conduct! It is a journey into the most artistic and creative aspects of the subconscious mind. Your clients will enjoy discovering treasures hidden in the shadows of their own mind. They will feel immediate, palpable relief after their session. They will walk away changed, and their world will appear brighter.

Join me for the upcoming training, and open a whole new world of transformational power that you can use to benefit yourself and others.







About the Training

This Clear Beliefs Coach Training is a comprehensive training designed for helping professionals, including therapists, coaches, healers, consultants, and change agents – anyone who helps others transform their lives. In twelve weeks of study and practice, you will learn many powerful tools, and how to integrate them into your own practice. The training offers a comprehensive model for understanding human consciousness, how beliefs are formed, how they affect our lives, and how to permanently eliminate negative and limiting beliefs from the psyche. You will also learn how to work with Inner Voices, body sensations and issues, techniques for manifestation and life creation, and how to solve many common life problems with negative or limiting beliefs at their core. You will also experience profound transformation in your own life. You will practice the skills each week with another student, giving both of you experience as a coach and as a client. When you are the client, youll use your own real-life issues and problems as the focus of your sessions, and directly experience the power of the process – leaving no doubt about the transformative power of the tools. The Course includes:

  • 18 live classes (1.5 to 2+ hours each) with Lion Goodman, the creator of the Clear Beliefs Process.
  • Weekly reading assignments in the comprehensive Clear Beliefs Instruction Manual (275 pages, plus a 125-page Appendix for further study).
  • 10 Clear Beliefs sessions in which you will coach another student (scheduled at your mutual convenience).
  • 10 Clear Beliefs sessions as a client, in which you will clear your own beliefs and old psychological patterns.
  • Support and supervision from a Certified Clear Beliefs Master Coach.
  • Recordings of each class to review at your convenience.
  • Additional notes and resources.
  • The opportunity to work with Lion directly during class demos.
  • Email support during the 12 weeks of class – and in the future.
  • 48 hours of CCE Credits from the International Coaching Federation
  • Become part of the Clear Beliefs Community practitioners from all around the world.





The Clear Beliefs Coach Training has been granted approval for
hours of CCE Credits (41 in Core Competencies, 7 in Resource Development)
by the International Coach Federation.

The next Clear Beliefs Training begins September 18th, 2017

Classes are every Monday, and alternate Thursdays, on the following dates:
Sept. 18, 21, 25, Oct. 2, 5, 9, 16, 19, 23, 30
Nov. 2, 6, 13, 16, 20, 27, 30, Dec. 4 


TIME on Mondays:
10:00 am to 12:00 pm Pacific Time
(1:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 to 8:00 pm GMT)

TIME on Thursdays:
4:00 to 5:30 pm Pacific Time

(7:00 to 8:30 pm Eastern, midnight to 1:30 am GMT)

(You will schedule practice times with your partner at your convenience.)

Early Registration Special: Register before July 31st at midnight, save 25% off the regular price (SAVE $575) by using the Promo Code clearbeliefsearly

(Payment plans are available!)

Want to hear more? Listen to these demonstrations of the rapid transformation made possible by the Clear Beliefs process:


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Join me for this powerful training, and add this awesome set of transformational tools to your practice. Your light will shine more brightly, and new possibilities will open – for you and for your clients.

Live your purpose successfully! There’s nothing to stop you! (Except a few old beliefs…)

I am grateful that I get to share these practical tools for transforming humanity – one belief at a time.





Lion Goodman
Creator of the Clear Beliefs Process
Petaluma, California


Skype: liongoodman

Email: liongoodman@gmail.com

What Change Agents Say About the Clear Beliefs Process

One of my clients faced major financial and business challenges. She hadnt been able to return to a resourceful state through any other method. After just one session, she felt great relief and was able to take the actions she needed to take.

Helene Desruisseaux

Clear Beliefs Practitioner

I have been exposed to several belief re-alignment processes over the years, and your process is the most powerful one I have ever experienced.

Tom Rausch

Leadership Beyond Limits

My client was afraid of public speaking her entire life. We identified her core beliefs and shifted them in less than an hour. By the end of our session, she was bubbling with excitement about an upcoming speaking gig and her voice had changed significantly.

Howard Sambol


I love the simple and creative elegance of the Clear Beliefs Process. Deeply embedded, unconscious beliefs can be surfaced and cleared permanently – in an amazingly short period of time.

Claire Sierra

Bliss Breakthrough

I love doing the Clear Beliefs process with my clients. Inside myself, I go to the place where all the dots connect, which is my purpose. It allows me to empathize deeply with them, and see the beauty of their creative self-expression. I’m in awe. This is a gift to me and to my clients.

Linda Zimmer

True Purpose Change Agent

I have been using the Clear Beliefs Process for more than four years. It has been exceedingly helpful to me on my inner journey, and it’s now one of the tools I reach for most frequently in my psychotherapy practice. It leads to discovery, insight, and profound change, often beauty and the joy of inner awakening. I continue to use it both in my practice and in my own personal growth.

Martha Bear


My clients report that their old reactions and behaviors simply dissipate – and they handle their lives differently. They all have used the word ‘powerful’ to describe the process. One said that when she felt the old reaction arising, her new belief-outfit appeared in her mind, reminding her that she could choose another response.

Kathi Ludwig

Psychotherapist and Coach

This process is ingenious! It’s novel, profound, and it bypasses the mind’s traps that prevent change. My clients love it – both for how they feel and for the results they get. The process is now part of my self-care, self-improvement routine. I wouldn’t be without it.

James Donner

Success Coach

The Clear Beliefs process is like a magic wand – I can quickly and easily change any aspect of myself by changing my beliefs, and it works like a charm when I’m helping my clients!

Terry Smithson

Business Consultant