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How to Deal with Fear of AI & Technology


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Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

10:00 am to 12:00 pm PT

(1:00 pm ET  /  6:00 pm GMT)

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad A.I.?

Are you fearful or anxious about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and other technologies?

What you are feeling is valid.

ALL of your fears, anxieties and other emotions have value.

Think of your emotions as messengers. If you listen to the message, you can discover why you feel that way. And you gain insight into your subconscious patterns.

Beneath the message, look for a belief, judgement, opinion or memory from the past.

When you uncover that, you’re now in a position to change it.

Sally is excited about A.I. Her core belief is “A.I. will make my life easier,” so she’ll get more time with her family doing fun stuff like skiing and vacations.

Jim is terrified of A.I. His core belief is “A.I. will destroy humans,” so he is constantly worried that he’ll be out of a job, and he fears for his kids’ future.

What do you believe about A.I. and technology?

Come to our free monthly event where we’ll dive deep into:

  • Your hidden subconscious beliefs about A.I. and tech.
  • Whether your current A.I. beliefs will cause you to sink or swim.
  • How your beliefs about yourself, and your ability to adapt to a changing world, opens or closes your future possibilities.
  • How to position yourself for the opportunities coming in this huge quantum leap (even bigger than the internet).


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