Create powerful transformation in
your clients – and in yourself.

  • Erase your clients’ limiting beliefs permanently, and enhance your reputation as an effective coach worth hiring.
  • Learn to heal childhood wounds and psychological knots – become known as a true healer of the psyche.
  • Eliminate old habits of thought, emotion, and behavior, attract more clients, and earn more income.
  • Remove blocks and barriers that interfere with your own – and your clients’ – forward progress in every area of life.

Graduates Speak
About the Training

Irena Kay, M.D.

The Next Training begins Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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The Clear Beliefs Method

Do you know how to remove the resistance, blocks, and barriers that inevitably show up when your clients try to move forward?The Clear Beliefs Method is a comprehensive set of tools for helping your clients banish their old beliefs, remove blocks, and clear historical upsets. It is easy-to-learn, powerfully effective, and thoroughly enjoyable! It adds depth and power to your professional services.  Learn to create real internal shifts that your clients can feel, see and experience immediately.

When your client clears a core belief – one that they’ve lived with their whole life – they experience an immediate change in their feelings, perceptions, and attitude. Resistance disappears. Motivation soars. Doubt, hesitation, and self-sabotage drop away. Self-esteem and personal power expand. Your clients are now able to handle their difficulties and concerns more easily and naturally.  They become truly free. And you look like a hero.

Your reputation will soar as a result. It’s an elegant, guided process that really works – whether you consult in person, by phone or videoconference.

The Clear Beliefs Method will be one of your most powerful tools to help your clients move forward.

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training gives you a set of tools you can use for the rest of your life. Best of all: you can learn these effective skills in only twelve weeks of study and practice.

Imagine being able to reach down into your clients’ subconscious mind and simply delete the early programs and indoctrination they got when they were young.

They will be empowered to manifest their goals and desires more easily. This is why they came to you in the first place!

Graduates Speak About the Training

Quote iconThis training is an essential advanced-level program for anyone in coaching, healing, or therapy professions. It has helped me understand the structure and impact of beliefs, and how they are at the core of transformational and healing work. I now feel capable of guiding others into deeper self-awareness and self-empowerment. The techniques are based on the language of the subconscious mind.

~ Lisette Nazario
CPC Transformational Life Coach, Bloomfield, NJ

Tatiana Simplicio

Quote iconAs a transformational coach, this course was one of the most impactful I have ever taken. The benefit is immeasurable, for myself and for my clients. Lion’s teaching style and support is clear, concise, supportive and loving. The experience unforgettable. The feeling was safe and trusting, and it ignited real transformation. This class was definitely a WOW experience!

~ Gayle Klauser
Transformational Coach, Minneapolis, MN
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Is the Clear Beliefs Coach Training for You?

Coaches, psychotherapists, healers and consultants around the world use the Clear Beliefs Method to rapidly catalyze profound change in their clients’ lives. And of course, happy clients are the best source of new clients.

You know how your own resistance and blocks have impacted your life – and you can see the same thing happening in your clients’ lives.

Old negative and limiting beliefs prevent us from doing what we need to succeed. They create doubts, low self-esteem, fear, ambivalence, and procrastination. They impact our relationships, our attitude, our moods, and our behavior. Inner blocks directly interfere with the free flow of love, truth and wisdom in our lives.

Do you want the magical power to reach into your client’s mind and clear out what’s in the way?  If so, the Clear Beliefs Coach Training is for you. With the right technology, you can eliminate negative beliefs that have interfered with your happiness, productivity, relationships – or any part of your life.

The Clear Beliefs program offers you a set of integrated techniques that allow you to reach into the subconscious mind, and change those early programs. It is a powerful combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness practice, somatic awareness, guided imagery, and dialogue with inner parts. You’ll learn to customize the methods to your individual clients’ needs, and help your clients integrate new, empowering beliefs into their daily life and behavior.

When you learn to eliminate and transform your own limiting and negative beliefs, you’ll become unstoppable.

When you help your clients clear their limiting and negative beliefs, your reputation will soar. You will be known as a practitioner who produces true, long-lasting transformation and success.

You’ll receive all this… and more!

20 Live Teleclasses

Learn the principles and practices of the Clear Beliefs Method, a set of powerful tools for clearing beliefs, healing childhood traumas, and shifting the psyche at its core, so your clients can be free to create their lives.

Training Materials

You’ll receive the 275-page Clear Beliefs Coach Training Manual, with detailed background material and instructions for conducting each process and technique. You will also receive the 225-page Appendix for further study.

Earn 48 CCEUs

This program meets the high standards of the ICF. Graduating from the course provides 48 hours of CCEUs (41 hours of Core Competencies). You will become a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach upon graduation.

10 or more Practice Sessions

You will practice each skill and technique with a student partner, alternating between conducting a session and receiving a session. You will experience the impact directly, from both sides – as coach and as client.

Guidance and Support

You will be supervised by a trained Teaching Assistant, who will meet with you regularly, to support you with observation, assessment, and mentoring.

Bonus Materials

You’ll receive both audio and video recordings of all 20 classes, dozens of bonus articles, recordings, and interviews, links to additional study materials, plus the Clear Your Beliefs personal development course ($300 value).

What makes the Clear Beliefs Process unique?

You’ve heard it said: Your beliefs create your reality.

If this statement is true, you should be able to shift your reality – by changing your beliefs.

When you change a belief at the core of your psyche, your experience of reality changes, too – immediately. You see the world differently. You feel different than you did before. You are fundamentally transformed.

Sometimes these changes are dramatic. Sometimes they are subtle – because what has been in the way is simply… gone. What was closed is now open. What was unthinkable is now possible. What couldn’t be seen is now visible – and actionable.

Some techniques (such as affirmations) attempt to overcome (or overpower) negative beliefs you have inside you. This is helpful – for a while. But those old beliefs eventually creep back in, like ghosts that return to haunt you again and again.

Other methods disrupt beliefs at the conscious level. You come to recognize that the belief isn’t actually true. This is helpful! For a while. Unfortunately, that conscious awareness doesn’t actually eliminate them from where they live – in the subconscious mind. They keep coming back to mind and you have to remind yourself – over and over – that they’re not true.

Some methods require tapping or muscle testing to find beliefs or clear their energetic signature. These methods are highly dependent on the skill of the practitioner. For many clients, they’re just too weird. This type of technique attempts to clear beliefs from the subconscious mind, but they don’t complete the job of eliminating them completely – so they’re not a permanent solution.

This is the acid test of any belief-change technology: Did the belief return? If it did, then the technique is only partially effective – or it was just a temporary band-aid.

The Clear Beliefs Method was designed to solve these problems and create permanent change – by eliminating the belief completely, from ALL parts of the Self.

Apply the process to your own beliefs, and you’ll easily clear obstacles in your own path toward success. Apply it to your clients’ beliefs, and you’ll deliver immediate shifts, and immense value, resulting in more satisfaction and more referrals.

The “secret sauce” of this methodology is that each technique give your client a direct experience of their True Self – in what we call “Creator Space” – an expanded and transcendent viewpoint that produces joy and empowerment. It’s the same experience that comes from meditating for many hours. They see who they really are behind all of the drama and problems they have experienced in life. Inner barriers and old stories melt away. They begin to achieve success with more ease and less resistance.

Listen to this Intro Call with two live demos of the technique with volunteers:

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Graduates Speak About the Training

Quote iconThe Clear Beliefs Process is a powerful method for identifying and changing core beliefs that have held people back. We’ve accumulated many “belief filters” during our life – and this process can clear them, one by one.  It’s an integrated toolbox of methods to clear beliefs, dissolve traumas, shift identities, and heal the inner child. You can easily integrate them into modalities you’ve already learned. An exceptional value.

~ Mark Menarik
Clear Beliefs Coach, Chicago, IL

Andrea Ferrante

Quote iconThis was a great learning experience for all of us. It re-sparked me as a coach. I feel confident with these powerful techniques, because they work, and because they were presented so well. You get to explore and experiment with many tools, and learn to integrate them into the methods you’re already using. It was amazing to witness the changes – in myself and others – during the course. Lion. It was certainly life changing for me!

~ Jeanette Mounts
ACC, CBC, Intentions Life Coaching, Denver, CO
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Join the Community of Clear Beliefs Coaches

More than 400 therapists, coaches, healers and change agents around the world have graduated from the Clear Beliefs Coach Training.

When you graduate, you’ll become part of a community of extraordinary human beings, all of whom are intelligent, open-hearted, and generous. They are change agents committed to helping and healing others, and improving the world. You will gain friends and colleagues in 30 different countries around the world.

This course is a deep study of the subconscious mind, how it is organized, and how it can be changed. You will learn to communicate directly with this inner landscape, and provide profound healing to your clients, from the inside out. You’ll have stimulating and surprising experiences with the deep psyche, and you’ll get a profound sense of personal satisfaction each time you guide the process. You will also broaden your awareness and understanding of yourself, consciousness itself, and the Imaginal Realm – the place where our dreams, inner voices, and childhood experiences live.

Upon graduating from the course, you will be Certified as a Clear Beliefs Coach. You’ll be able to immediately conduct sessions with your friends, family, and clients. The course squeezes years of learning into only twelve weeks. Of course, true mastery takes time and practice. The detailed structure of the course provides you with all the skills you need to be successful in producing transformation in your clients from your very first session.

As a Clear Beliefs Coach, you can charge a premium price for your services – because you’re able to produce powerful transformation in every session with your clients. Clients will stay with you longer, returning for more transformation, deeper dives, and profound healing.  In addition, you’ll get access to a suite of marketing tools, including our Clear Your Beliefs eBook, iClearIt, a iPhone app, and our excellent 7-part recorded program, Clear Your Beliefs, which you can use as a basis for a long-term coaching program. You will also become an Affiliate and earn additional revenues from your referrals.  Our goal is to make you successful both as a healer, and as a businessperson – because both are needed for you to thrive.

A Personal Note from Lion Goodman

Thank you for joining me here!

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training is the culmination and synthesis of my 40+ years of study and practice in a wide variety of disciplines: psychology, neurology, personal growth, spirituality, history, cosmology, philosophy, and the principles of success. I researched and worked with more than 100 techniques and theories for changing consciousness and healing the psyche. I was the center of my own experiments, seeking the most efficient methods for my own growth, healing, and transformation.

I came to the realization that beliefs were the fundamental building block of our experiences. They are the infrastructure of the psyche – and consciousness itself. This infrastructure has been called by many names: mental schemas, paradigms, interpretive filters, maps of meaning, neural pathways, and dozens of others. Regardless of what you call them, they operate in the subconscious mind, beneath our conscious view of the world, and experience of reality. They shape our view of the ourselves, how we see others, and how we respond to the world. They limit who we are and what we’re capable of. And they carry the potential of un-limiting us, freeing us from the past, and opening new possibilities.

The belief layer of the mind is the optimum leverage point to create rapid, effective internal change. If you change your beliefs, you change your reality.

These are some of the core principles behind the Clear Beliefs Method:

  • Your beliefs began to form while you were inside your mother’s womb. In this case, “beliefs” should be thought of as “experiential conclusions.” For example, if your Mother felt fear because she was in danger (e.g., war, an abusive relationship, rejection, financial insecurity, etc.), her fear hormones passed through her placenta and into you, the growing fetus. Your body and brain developed within that pool of liquid fear, and you experienced the world in the same way she did: as “not-safe.” In the first two years of life, before you had language, your beliefs were formed as experiences, feelings, and conclusions that would help you survive.
  • Every belief creates a particular experience. Beliefs (in the way I’m using the term) are not just a mental construct. Like all experiences, they are multidimensional, a complex combination of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and an urge to act in a particular way. Every belief creates a particular experience. You can test this yourself by trying on a belief, as if it is 100% true, and feeling the sensations it creates in your body. For example, feel what it feels like to hold the belief, “There’s something wrong with me.” Really feel it, as if it’s 100% true. It feels awful, doesn’t it? Then, try on the belief, “I am a sacred and worthy being.” Feel what that feels like. You just proved that your beliefs create your experience. Body sensations (somatic awareness) are one of the ways we tap into our deepest beliefs.
  • Beliefs don’t come with expiration dates. They should, but they don’t. They stick around and keep operating even though they’re no longer needed. They become a drag on our life. New beliefs continually get added on top of the huge pile of previous beliefs. Once a belief is set into place, it continues to create that particular experience – usually subtly, in the background. Old beliefs and feelings are easily re-triggered. We can’t seem to get rid of them, even if we’re clear that they’re no longer useful.
  • To eliminate a belief from consciousness, it must be deleted multidimensionally. Because experiences, and beliefs, are multidimensional, they cannot be permanently cleared through a one-dimensional process. Some methods use mental-verbal logic. Others use energetic tapping. Others methods use emotional expression or body movement to clear what’s standing in the way. But these methods don’t produce permanent results, because the beliefs remain lodged in all the other areas. When you use the Clear Beliefs Method, the removal of negative or limiting beliefs is permanent, because you’ve cleared it from all aspects of the Self. Energy flows again. You feel relief. Complete healing can now occur.
  • Whenever you attempt to create something new, your old beliefs get stimulated to re-assert themselves. If you decide to start a business, or a diet, or a new relationship, your old beliefs automatically jump up and tell you what could go wrong, and why it won’t work. This is automatic machinery that creates doubts, second thoughts, and resistance, easily destroying your motivation or resolve. This is why so many good intentions go unrealized.
  • Personal difficulties (such as bad habits, addictions, procrastination, relationship problems, lack of success, weight gain, disease, etc.) are signals that old beliefs are operating in the background. When you clear the beliefs at the core of the issue, you can then choose new beliefs and new experiences. In the garden of consciousness, you have to clear away the rocks and weeds before you plant your seeds – so they can grow without resistance.
  • Think of beliefs in the way you think about your clothes. You decide what outfit to wear each day based on what fits your activities, and what makes you feel good. You change clothes when you change activities. Imagine what your life would look like if you could change your beliefs as easily as your clothes – appropriate for the situation you’re in, and what you want to accomplish. Now, you can.

With the Clear Beliefs Method, changing your beliefs is as easy as changing your clothes.™

The Clear Beliefs tools are Master Keys that open the locked doors of the deep psyche, and expose the actual cause of our difficulties. There is no need for storytelling about the past, nor an understanding of clinical psychology. By focusing on beliefs themselves, we can facilitate true transformation – simply, easily, and professionally.

The Clear Beliefs Method is a joy to conduct! It is a journey into the most artistic and creative aspects of the subconscious mind. Your clients will enjoy discovering treasures hidden in the shadows of their own mind. They will feel immediate, palpable relief after their session with you. Their world will appear brighter, filled with new possibilities.

Join me for the upcoming training, and open a whole new world of transformational power that you can use to benefit yourself and others.

 ~ Lion

About the Training

This Clear Beliefs Coach Training is a comprehensive training designed for professionals, including therapists, coaches, healers, consultants, and change agents – anyone who helps others transform their lives.

In twelve weeks of study and practice, you will learn many different tools to transform lives, and ways to integrate them into your own practice. The training offers a comprehensive model for understanding human consciousness, and the role of beliefs and how they impact our lives. You will learn how to permanently eliminate negative and limiting beliefs from the psyche. In addition, you’ll learn how to work with Inner Voices, body issues, and how to solve many common life problems where beliefs are at the core. (And most issues have beliefs at their core.)

You will also experience profound transformation in your own life. Each week, you’ll practice your skills with other students, giving you experience as a coach and also as a client. As the client, you’ll use your own real-life issues and problems as the focus of your sessions. You’ll experience the power of the process directly – leaving no doubt as to the transformational power of the tools.

The Course includes:

  • 20 2-hour live videoconference classes with Lion Goodman, the creator of the Clear Beliefs Process. Classes are every Tuesday, and alternate Thursdays. 
  • Additional Bonus Classes with interviews of luminaries in the field of psychology and beliefs.
  • Weekly reading assignments in the comprehensive Clear Beliefs Instruction Manual (270 pages, plus a 175-page Appendix for further study).
  • 10 or more Clear Beliefs Sessions in which you coach your student partner (scheduled at your mutual convenience).
  • 10 or more Clear Beliefs Sessions in which you are the client, clearing your own beliefs and old psychological patterns.
  • Support and supervision from a Certified Clear Beliefs Mentor Coach.
  • Recordings of every class to review at your convenience – anytime in the future.
  • Written scripts for each technique and process, with step-by-step instructions so you can get the optimum results with your clients.
  • More than 40 additional Resources for Continuous Learning, including articles, videos, and interviews with experts.
  • The opportunity to be coached by Lion during class demos.
  • Email support during the 12 weeks of class – and into the future.
  • A Certificate of Completion, granting you the title, Certified Clear Beliefs Coach.
  • 48 hours of CCE Credits from the International Coach Federation
  • The opportunity to be listed on the website as a Certified Coach.
  • Use of promotional materials, including the eBook, Clear Your Beliefs, which you can co-brand.
  • Use of the Clear Your Beliefs audio program as a foundational product for your Clear Beliefs coaching practice.
  • You will become a member of the Clear Beliefs Community – hundreds of outstanding practitioners around the world.

Graduates Speak About the Training

Quote iconThis has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. So much is offered in this program! The skills provide me with the opportunity to offer belief clearing as a stand-alone service, and it has enhanced my life coaching practice. I feel totally empowered to help my clients clear the things that no longer serve them. I also have the tools to do some serious work on myself to improve all aspects of my life.

~ H.Dempsey
Columbia, PA

Sharon Fisher

Quote iconThis training has transformed my healing business! I’m a holistic spa owner, providing treatments as a Reiki Master Healer, Vibrational Energy Therapist, and holistic esthetician. I need to dig deeper to support my clients in a richer, more meaningful way.  CBCT gave me the knowledge and confidence to do this with my clients! If you’re a healer, coach, or therapist, you’ll love the depth of this class.

~ Cheri Petroni
Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
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The Benefits of Becoming a Clear Beliefs Coach

This professional course is designed for anyone who wants to work more deeply and effectively with their clients, helping them transform their perceptions, relationships, and interactions in the world.

It is based on a solid foundation of science, the philosophy of consciousness, neurology, psychological research, and personal and spiritual development.

The process utilizes a proprietary method of memory re-consolidation, which causes permanent change in the client’s internal state of mind, resulting in a changed outlook and perspective on life.

In addition, it provides the practitioner with tools for self-development and personal growth. It is a sacred space to eliminate your own blocks, barriers, and resistance in your life, relationships, and business.

The course material enhances all forms of coaching, therapy, healing, and teaching. The skills are easily integrated into any type of practice, including:

  • Manifestation and success coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Health coaching
  • Psychotherapy
  • Yoga instruction
  • Clinical medicine and medical treatment
  • Counseling and Mentoring
  • Business coaching and consulting
  • Classroom teaching

You will learn:

  • 12 different therapeutic modalities to clear limiting and negative beliefs, heal childhood wounds and traumas, release deep emotional pain, and eliminate old habits and reactive patterns.
  • A method of structuring a successful long-term belief change plan, including how to format and conduct sessions with any client of any background.
  • Within your coaching or healing session, when to focus on beliefs underneath the problem, and how to introduce clients to the concept of beliefs as cause.
  • How beliefs are inter-connected to emotions, perceptions of the world, one’s circumstances in life, reactions to others, and responses to the world,
  • How to help your clients transform their beliefs, emotional upsets, repeating patterns, and whatever shows up in their life that they want to change.The Training is approved for 48 hours of CCEU credits by the International Coach Federation (41 in Core Competencies, 7 in Resources).


The training provides advanced skills in deeply transformational and therapeutic coaching.

Students must have significant training and practice as a coach, therapist, physician, teacher, healer, or related modalities.

Additional Details About the Course

How long is the course?

There are 20 2-hour classes, stretched over twelve to fourteen weeks (depending on holidays).  We alternate between weeks with only one class, and weeks with two classes.

How many hours each week will I need to dedicate to the course?

This is a comprehensive and rigorous course, requiring six to eight hours of study and practice each week (some weeks more!).  The live classes are at fixed times each week. The study and practice is at your convenience.  This includes reading, internal work, watching videos, filling out reports, and practice (exchanging sessions) with other students.

What if I can’t attend some (or all) of the classes?

Recordings of each class are posted within 48 hours so you can “attend” each class as if you were there.  Some students (especially those in Asia and Australasia) attend all classes by recording due to the time of the classes (11:00 am Pacific). We have a separate Australasia group that meets regularly with Assistant Coaches. Our team stays in close communication with all students, and we follow their progress carefully so no one gets left behind. Students report that the amount of support they got was “tremendous.”

How will my progress be tracked?

Each week, you will fill out a Weekly Report Form online, sharing your experiences, questions, and progress.  Our Assistant Coaches (graduates of the program) monitor those reports closely, and bring questions or problematic issues to Lion, so they get answered during class. He makes himself available to students, and is very responsive. Many students are surprised at the close attention they get in this course. They have also commented that they’ve experienced such close and loving care from a teaching team.

Will I have to take notes?

No. We provide detailed notes after each class, including the main points of the lectures, details about homework, links to assignments, etc. So you can give your full attention to the class presentation.  (You are, of course, welcome to take notes if you wish. Some students learn best by doing so.)

What are the requirement for graduation as a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach?

Because of the comprehensive nature of this training, the requirements are rigorous, yet easy to accomplish if you keep up with the assignments each week.  Here are the minimum requirements for graduation:

  • Read the entire Clear Beliefs Instruction Manual (270 pages)
  • Attend all of the classes – either live, or by listening to the recordings.
  • Practice twice weekly with your assigned partner or partners.  In dyads, in one session you are the Coach, practicing a skill or technique.  In the other session, you are the Client, being guided through the experience and changing your core beliefs. In triads, the third person is the Observer.
  • Submit weekly Reports about your experiences, as a coach and as a client.
  • Stay in regular communication with your assigned Assistant Coach, who will track your progress and your level of skill, and offer feedback.
  • Be observed in your practice sessions three times by your Assistant Coach.
  • Complete a set of assignments and reports.
  • Pass the Final Exam and complete the Course Evaluation.

All of these requirement fit into the six to eight hours a week mentioned above.

Will I change, get better, solve my problems, or heal from my childhood wounds during the course?

We cannot promise this, of course, because it depends on what you bring to the course, and how rigorous you are with your practice.  We CAN report, however, that most students experience a radical shift in their attitude, consciousness, abilities, and confidence by the end of the course.  Check out the many testimonials from our graduates. Students report significant shifts, radical transformation, and huge positive movement in their attitude, their life, and their ability to create success.  You are encouraged to bring your life into the practice.  You’ll receive more than ten belief-change sessions during the course. Bring your real-life problems and issues into those sessions, and you will be transformed at the core.  Miracles are not only possible in this training, they’re quite routine!

What if I can’t carve out six to eight hours a week for 12 weeks?

Six to eight hours per week is the minimum time required to complete the course and meet the high standards of the training.  If you know you can’t handle the required time, attention, and energy, please don’t apply.  If you’re not sure, make an appointment to speak with Lion to get clear about your situation.  Schedule a complimentary 15-minute conversation here: 

What if I can’t afford the course?

Lion offers three partial scholarships for each class.  If you are would like to apply, send an email to Lion ( with an explanation of your circumstances, a description of your background and previous experience in inner work and belief change, and what you can afford (knowing that the training is valued at $3,850).  The more you stretch, the more Lion will stretch to get you into the course.  Lion offers special discounts to veterans and those who work for non-profit organizations.

There are also payment plans available on the registration page, extending payments out over two, three or four months.

What is your refund policy if the course is not for me?

Even with our rigorous screening process, sometimes a person discovers that the course is not a match for their state of mind, or where they are in their learning journey.  During the first four classes, if you choose to withdraw from the course, you will receive a pro-rata refund, minus a $300 administrative fee.  There are no refunds if you withdraw after the fourth class. In that case, your remaining credit can be applied to any future course within one year (minus the $300 administrative fee).

Reserve your place in the
Clear Beliefs Coach Training!

Course Schedule

Classes are every Tuesday on the following dates:

2020:  September 22, 29
October 6, 13, 20, 27
November 3, 10, 17, 24
December 1, 8, 15
(No classes Dec. 16 – Jan. 4)
2021: January 5, 12, 19, 26
February 2, 9, and Graduation Feb. 16



All classes are: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Time
(2:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 to 9:00 pm GMT)

[Practice times with your partner are scheduled at your mutual convenience.
For students in Australia, NZ, and Asia, we form a special group who practice together.]

Reserve your seat now for the September 2020 training!

Course Tuition: $3,850

25% Earlybird Discount – Now only $2,888!

 Save more than $960 by enrolling now.

Use the Promo Code “CBCTEarly” 

(Payment plans up to 6 months are available on the registration page.)

The course begins September 22, 2020.

The 4 Modules of the Training

Module 1

energy coming from mind

The Nature of Consciousness & the Psyche

In the first phase of the journey, Lion will introduce you to the terrain of the Psyche, including the development of our earliest beliefs as strategies for survival in life. You’ll learn what beliefs are, where they come from, and how they function – to limit and constrict our behavior, or to open new possibilities.

Throughout the course, you will be mentored by Lion, and have your questions answered in Q&A sessions that follow each class. You will practice every technique with other students, focusing on your OWN patterns, issues, and beliefs – the ones that have interfered with your life. This training is personally transformative, eminently practical, simultaneously building your skills to transform clients.

You will learn what it means to coach therapeutically, reaching into your client’s subconscious mind and facilitating deep shifts that remove your clients’ blocks and barriers most coaching never touches.

In addition:

  • To understand beliefs, you need to understand consciousness itself. You will learn the philosophical underpinning of this work, and why this approach works so well to transform lives.
  • You’ve seen your clients get frustrated when their same old issues come up again and again. You’ll learn how and why these core beliefs crop up repeatedly, and how you can clear them, permanently, one at a time.
  • You will learn to create profound shifts in your clients’ psyche, more quickly than most psychotherapy. These techniques dive past the “story-telling” layer of the mind (explicit memory), and facilitate memory reconsolidation at the causal, or belief level of the mind (implicit memory).
  • The Clear Beliefs methodology works quickly and permanently. You will learn why most techniques fail to provide permanent change, and how to be successful consistently.

Module 2

words projected over woman

The Nature of Beliefs and How to Clear Them

In the second module, you’ll learn the core processes that enable deep transformation and change – a set of integrated techniques that involve all aspects of a person: body, brain, mind, spirit, soul, perception, understanding, and history.

In addition:

  • You’ll learn the importance of boundaries in the developing psyche, the nature of resistance within the body, and how they function to limit our life. The BodyWisdom Process enables you to clear blocks and restrictions in the body.
  • Core beliefs are our first and most potent structures of the mind. They determine our personality, attitude, and mindset. You will learn to find your clients’ core beliefs and free them, transforming your clients from the inside out. You will also understand family, social, cultural, and karmic influences.
  • The key technique, the BeliefCloset Process, gives you a power-tool to use for your own transformation, and to help your clients move through any difficulty, pattern or issue.

Module 3

babies connecting with eachother while inside human body frames

Working with Inner Selves, Healing Childhood Wounds, and Clearing Trauma

In the third module, you will look deeply into the core of the psyche, and learn how our childhood experiences, including wounds and traumas, form the foundation of our personality structure. You will learn to deal with opposing beliefs that keep people stuck, and the inner voices that prevent many people from moving forward. This module includes a basic training in Voice Dialogue, as developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, and seamlessly integrates this powerful transformative methodology into the Clear Beliefs Method.

In addition:

  • You will gain an understanding of the phases and levels of transforming Parts (also called voices, selves, and sub-personalities).
  • The coaching competencies are reviewed. You will learn to combine the tools and techniques into an integrated tool-set of immense power.
  • You will learn to be flexible and resilient in your use of the tools, customizing them to your individual clients, and to trust your intuition.
  • You will learn two advanced proprietary techniques that are able to clear early childhood trauma, and transform our Inner Children.

Module 4

woman touching water

Beliefs are the Root of Success & Manifestation

More people are stopped by their limited and negative beliefs than by any external circumstance. In the final module, you will come to understand how beliefs function as the filter through which we see life, make choices, and take actions. You will learn how the Clear Beliefs Method eliminates blocks, barriers and resistance that prevent your clients from manifesting the life they want.

In addition:

  • Each technique is reviewed and integrated into a comprehensive whole, like a carpenter’s tool-belt with all the essentials at hand.
  • You will integrate the techniques into your particular style of coaching, therapy, or healing, and your unique market niche.
  • The techniques will be applied to your marketing skills, time-management process, and business success, to optimize your return on your investment.
  • Opportunities are presented to join the Clear Beliefs Community, continue learning, and participate in future trainings as an assistant, mentor, and teacher.

Demonstrations of the rapid transformation made possible by the Clear Beliefs Method:

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Join me for this powerful training, and add this awesome set of transformational tools to your practice. Your light will shine more brightly, and new possibilities will open – for you and for your clients.

Live your purpose successfully! There’s nothing to stop you! (Except a few old beliefs…)

I am grateful that I get to share these practical tools for transforming humanity – one belief at a time.


Lion Goodman
Creator of the Clear Beliefs Method
Petaluma, California

Skype: liongoodman

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