the clear beliefs method

About The Training

Next training begins on October 12, 2021.


Learn to create profound and sustainable transformation in your clients – and in yourself – in one training.

The Clear Beliefs Method is a set of master keys that open the locked doors of the subconscious mind, exposing the actual cause of your clients’ difficulties.  Once opened, complete and permanent healing becomes possible. Limitations disappear. New possibilities suddenly appear.

Many of your clients know that their current troubles were caused by something in their past, but they don’t know how to change it.  Other techniques promised relief, but the results were temporary. The same pattern appears again and again.

With the Clear Beliefs Method, you can guide your client past the story-telling mind to the belief layer – the infrastructure of the human psyche. There, you can facilitate profound transformation – simply, rapidly and permanently.

The Clear Beliefs Method is a joy to conduct, because significant shifts occur in almost every session. Your clients will feel immediate, palpable relief after you work with them. They feel lighter. Their world appears brighter, more open, and filled with new possibilities.


The Clear Beliefs Training provides advanced skills in transformational and therapeutic coaching.

Applicants must have professional training in coaching, psychology, therapy, or the healing arts. In addition, you must have a history of inner work and personal development.

The Clear Beliefs Method

Many graduates have stated, “The Clear Beliefs Method is a magical technology for creating immediate, positive and permanent shifts in my clients.”  

Negative and limiting beliefs create doubts, fear, ambivalence, and procrastination. They undermine our relationships and our work. They prevent us from doing what we need to do to succeed. They appear as inner blocks and resistance, cutting us off from the free flow of energy, love, and wisdom that flows through us.

With the integrated set of transformational tools of the Clear Beliefs Method, you will be able to communicate directly with your client’s subconscious mind and clear whatever is standing in their way – whether physical, emotional, mental, psychological, or spiritual.

When you can rapidly and radically improve your client’s life, you will become indispensable to them as they move forward toward success in all areas of life.  

The Clear Beliefs Method allows you to reprogram early programming from family, culture, and society – beliefs that interfere with your client’s creativity and power to move forward in life.  

It is built on a solid foundation of both scientific and philosophical research in developmental and positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, guided imagery, and consciousness studies. It is a unique synthesis of more than 40 years of study, practice, and refinement of practical techniques that work.

You will easily integrate these methods into your existing practice and customize each process to your individual client’s needs. You will help them integrate new empowering beliefs in place of their old limiting ones, shifting their reality toward positivity and possibilities.

Coaches, psychotherapists, healers and consultants around the world are using the Clear Beliefs Method to catalyze profound change in their clients’ lives.

When you help your clients clear their limitations out of the way, your reputation will soar. You will be known as a practitioner who can produce true, long-lasting transformation and success. Happy clients are the best source of referrals to future business.

You’ve probably noticed inner resistance and blocks in your own life, and how they have limited your success and happiness. You will learn how to delete and transform your own limiting and negative beliefs, and become unstoppable.

What Makes The Clear Beliefs Method Unique?

You’ve heard the statement, “Your beliefs create your reality.”

If this were true, you would be able to shift your reality by changing your beliefs.

You can demonstrate that it IS true through your own direct experience.

When you change a belief at the core of your psyche, your experience of reality changes, too. You see the world differently. You feel different. You’re operating at a different level of awareness.

What was in the way is simply… gone. What was closed is now open. What was unthinkable is now possible.

Other methods of belief-change attempt to overpower the negative beliefs with positive beliefs. That’s helpful for a while. But the old beliefs eventually creep back in.

Many methods attempt to disrupt beliefs by consciously recognizing they’re not true. This is also helpful. Unfortunately, conscious awareness doesn’t eliminate the belief in the subconscious mind.

There are tapping methods, muscle testing methods, and mystical hand-waving and strange statement methods. They work for some people, but they’re too weird for many clients.

Most of these technique are only a band-aid on top of a deep wound.

The Clear Beliefs Method is designed to create permanent change by eliminating the belief completely – from ALL aspects of the Self.

When you apply the process to your own beliefs, you’ll clear obstacles in your own path toward success. When you apply it to your clients, you’ll deliver immediate shifts of immense value.

The Secret to Creating Profound Transformation

Providing better information doesn’t do it. Willful counter-action from the outside doesn’t do it. One-dimensional change techniques don’t do it.

When your client awakens and recognizes who they really are behind the pattern they’re stuck in, there’s a fundamental shift in their point of view

Every Clear Beliefs process aims at this transpersonal experience, an expanded view from a higher dimension of consciousness.

It is an empowering and joyful experience, similar to how a meditator feels after months of deep practice. The old stories melt away in the light of this recognition. The world shifts, too, in response to that expanded awareness. Success happens naturally, with more ease, like a bird released from its cage.

These are some of the core principles
behind the Clear Beliefs Method:

Your beliefs began to form while you were inside your mother’s womb.
In this case, “beliefs” should be thought of as “experiential conclusions.” For example, if your Mother felt fear because she was in danger (e.g., war, an abusive relationship, rejection, financial insecurity, etc.), her fear hormones passed through her placenta and into you, the growing fetus. Your body and brain developed within that pool of liquid fear, and you experienced the world in the same way she did: as “not-safe.” In the first two years of life, before you had language, your beliefs were formed as experiences, feelings, and conclusions that would help you survive.
Every belief creates a particular experience.
Beliefs (in the way I’m using the term) are not just a mental construct. Like all experiences, they are multidimensional, a complex combination of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and an urge to act in a particular way. Every belief creates a particular experience. You can test this yourself by trying on a belief, as if it is 100% true, and feeling the sensations it creates in your body. For example, feel what it feels like to hold the belief, “There’s something wrong with me.” Really feel it, as if it’s 100% true. It feels awful, doesn’t it? Then, try on the belief, “I am a sacred and worthy being.” Feel what that feels like. You just proved that your beliefs create your experience. Body sensations (somatic awareness) are one of the ways we tap into our deepest beliefs.
To eliminate a belief from consciousness, it must be deleted multidimensionally.
Because experiences, and beliefs, are multidimensional, they cannot be permanently cleared through a one-dimensional process. Some methods use mental-verbal logic. Others use energetic tapping. Others methods use emotional expression or body movement to clear what’s standing in the way. But these methods don’t produce permanent results, because the beliefs remain lodged in all the other areas. When you use the Clear Beliefs Method, the removal of negative or limiting beliefs is permanent, because you’ve cleared it from all aspects of the Self. Energy flows again. You feel relief. Complete healing can now occur.
Personal difficulties (such as bad habits, addictions, procrastination, relationship problems, lack of success, weight gain, disease, etc.) are signals that old beliefs are operating in the background.
When you clear the beliefs at the core of the issue, you can then choose new beliefs and new experiences. In the garden of consciousness, you have to clear away the rocks and weeds before you plant your seeds – so they can grow without resistance.

Join us for the upcoming training. Open yourself to new transformational powers you can use to provide additional value to your clients.