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Our next training begins in September 22, 2020.


With the Clear Beliefs Method,

changing your beliefs is as easy

as changing your clothes.

The Clear Beliefs Method is a set of Master Keys that open the locked doors of the subconscious mind, exposing the actual cause of our difficulties and enabling complete healing. There is no need for storytelling about the past, as in talk therapy. By focusing on the belief-layer of the psyche, we can facilitate profound and permanent transformation – simply, easily, and professionally. 

The Clear Beliefs Method is a joy to conduct! It is a journey into the most artistic and creative aspects of the subconscious mind. Your clients will enjoy discovering treasures hidden in the shadows, and they will feel immediate, palpable relief after their session with you. Their world will appear brighter, more open, and filled with new possibilities.


The Clear Beliefs Training provides advanced skills in deeply transformational and therapeutic coaching.

Students must have a history of personal growth and inner development, and significant training and practice as a coach, psychotherapist, physician, teacher, or healer.

The Clear Beliefs Method

These are some of the core principles behind The Clear Beliefs Method:

Coaches, psychotherapists, healers and consultants around the world use the Clear Beliefs Method to rapidly catalyze profound change in their clients’ lives. And of course, happy clients are the best source of new clients.

You know how your own resistance and blocks have impacted your life – and you can see the same thing happening in your clients’ lives.

Old negative and limiting beliefs prevent us from doing what we need to succeed. They create doubts, low self-esteem, fear, ambivalence, and procrastination. They impact our relationships, our attitude, our moods, and our behavior. Inner blocks directly interfere with the free flow of love, truth and wisdom in our lives.

Do you want the magical power to reach into your client’s mind and clear out what’s in the way?  If so, the Clear Beliefs Coach Training is for you. With the right technology, you can eliminate negative beliefs that have interfered with your happiness, productivity, relationships – or any part of your life.

The Clear Beliefs program offers you a set of integrated techniques that allow you to reach into the subconscious mind, and change those early programs. It is a powerful combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness practice, somatic awareness, guided imagery, and dialogue with inner parts. You’ll learn to customize the methods to your individual clients’ needs, and help your clients integrate new, empowering beliefs into their daily life and behavior.

When you learn to eliminate and transform your own limiting and negative beliefs, you’ll become unstoppable.

When you help your clients clear their limiting and negative beliefs, your reputation will soar. You will be known as a practitioner who produces true, long-lasting transformation and success.

What Makes The Clear Beliefs Method Unique?

You’ve heard it said: Your beliefs create your reality.

If this statement is true, you should be able to shift your reality – by changing your beliefs.

When you change a belief at the core of your psyche, your experience of reality changes, too – immediately. You see the world differently. You feel different than you did before. You are fundamentally transformed.

Sometimes these changes are dramatic. Sometimes they are subtle – because what has been in the way is simply… gone. What was closed is now open. What was unthinkable is now possible. What couldn’t be seen is now visible – and actionable.

Some techniques (such as affirmations) attempt to overcome (or overpower) negative beliefs you have inside you. This is helpful – for a while. But those old beliefs eventually creep back in, like ghosts that return to haunt you again and again.

Other methods disrupt beliefs at the conscious level. You come to recognize that the belief isn’t actually true. This is helpful! For a while. Unfortunately, that conscious awareness doesn’t actually eliminate them from where they live – in the subconscious mind. They keep coming back to mind and you have to remind yourself – over and over – that they’re not true.

Some methods require tapping or muscle testing to find beliefs or clear their energetic signature. These methods are highly dependent on the skill of the practitioner. For many clients, they’re just too weird. This type of technique attempts to clear beliefs from the subconscious mind, but they don’t complete the job of eliminating them completely – so they’re not a permanent solution.

This is the acid test of any belief-change technology: Did the belief return? If it did, then the technique is only partially effective – or it was just a temporary band-aid.

The Clear Beliefs Method was designed to solve these problems and create permanent change – by eliminating the belief completely, from ALL parts of the Self.

Apply the process to your own beliefs, and you’ll easily clear obstacles in your own path toward success. Apply it to your clients’ beliefs, and you’ll deliver immediate shifts, and immense value, resulting in more satisfaction and more referrals.

The “secret sauce” of this methodology is that each technique give your client a direct experience of their True Self – in what we call “Creator Space” – an expanded and transcendent viewpoint that produces joy and empowerment. It’s the same experience that comes from meditating for many hours. They see who they really are behind all of the drama and problems they have experienced in life. Inner barriers and old stories melt away. They begin to achieve success with more ease and less resistance.

These are some of the core principles

behind the Clear Beliefs Method:

Your beliefs began to form while you were inside your mother’s womb.
In this case, “beliefs” should be thought of as “experiential conclusions.” For example, if your Mother felt fear because she was in danger (e.g., war, an abusive relationship, rejection, financial insecurity, etc.), her fear hormones passed through her placenta and into you, the growing fetus. Your body and brain developed within that pool of liquid fear, and you experienced the world in the same way she did: as “not-safe.” In the first two years of life, before you had language, your beliefs were formed as experiences, feelings, and conclusions that would help you survive.
Every belief creates a particular experience.
Beliefs (in the way I’m using the term) are not just a mental construct. Like all experiences, they are multidimensional, a complex combination of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and an urge to act in a particular way. Every belief creates a particular experience. You can test this yourself by trying on a belief, as if it is 100% true, and feeling the sensations it creates in your body. For example, feel what it feels like to hold the belief, “There’s something wrong with me.” Really feel it, as if it’s 100% true. It feels awful, doesn’t it? Then, try on the belief, “I am a sacred and worthy being.” Feel what that feels like. You just proved that your beliefs create your experience. Body sensations (somatic awareness) are one of the ways we tap into our deepest beliefs.
Beliefs don’t come with expiration dates.
They should, but they don’t. They stick around and keep operating even though they’re no longer needed. They become a drag on our life. New beliefs continually get added on top of the huge pile of previous beliefs. Once a belief is set into place, it continues to create that particular experience – usually subtly, in the background. Old beliefs and feelings are easily re-triggered. We can’t seem to get rid of them, even if we’re clear that they’re no longer useful.
To eliminate a belief from consciousness, it must be deleted multidimensionally.
Because experiences, and beliefs, are multidimensional, they cannot be permanently cleared through a one-dimensional process. Some methods use mental-verbal logic. Others use energetic tapping. Others methods use emotional expression or body movement to clear what’s standing in the way. But these methods don’t produce permanent results, because the beliefs remain lodged in all the other areas. When you use the Clear Beliefs Method, the removal of negative or limiting beliefs is permanent, because you’ve cleared it from all aspects of the Self. Energy flows again. You feel relief. Complete healing can now occur.
Whenever you attempt to create something new, your old beliefs get stimulated to re-assert themselves.
If you decide to start a business, or a diet, or a new relationship, your old beliefs automatically jump up and tell you what could go wrong, and why it won’t work. This is automatic machinery that creates doubts, second thoughts, and resistance, easily destroying your motivation or resolve. This is why so many good intentions go unrealized.
Personal difficulties (such as bad habits, addictions, procrastination, relationship problems, lack of success, weight gain, disease, etc.) are signals that old beliefs are operating in the background.
When you clear the beliefs at the core of the issue, you can then choose new beliefs and new experiences. In the garden of consciousness, you have to clear away the rocks and weeds before you plant your seeds – so they can grow without resistance.
Think of beliefs in the way you think about your clothes.
You decide what outfit to wear each day based on what fits your activities, and what makes you feel good. You change clothes when you change activities. Imagine what your life would look like if you could change your beliefs as easily as your clothes – appropriate for the situation you’re in, and what you want to accomplish. Now, you can.

Join me for the upcoming training, and open a whole new world of transformational power that you can use to benefit yourself and others.

Training Modules

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training is a comprehensive training designed for professionals, including therapists, coaches, healers, consultants, and change agents – anyone who helps others transform their lives.

In twenty weeks of study and practice, you will learn many different tools to transform your clients, and ways to integrate them into your own practice. The training offers a comprehensive model for understanding human consciousness, and the role of beliefs and how they impact our lives. You will learn how to permanently eliminate negative and limiting beliefs from the psyche. In addition, you’ll learn how to work with Inner Voices, body issues, and how to solve many common life problems where beliefs are at the core. (Most of our life issues have beliefs at their core.)

You will also experience profound transformation in your own life. Each week, you’ll practice your skills with other students, giving you experience as a coach and also as a client. When you are the client, you’ll use your own real-life issues and problems as the focus of your sessions. You will experience the power of each process directly – leaving no doubt as to the transformational power of the tools.

Module One

The Nature of Consciousness, the Brain, and the Psyche

In the first phase of the journey, you will be introduced to the terrain of the Deep Psyche, and learn how our earliest beliefs developed as strategies for survival. You’ll learn what beliefs actually are, where they come from, and how they function to limit and constrict our behavior, and how they can be shifted to open new possibilities.

You will learn how to reach into your client’s subconscious mind and facilitate transformational change that eliminates blocks and barriers and heals childhood wounds that hold people back.  This is therapeutic coaching, combining the best of psychology, neurology, personal growth and inner healing. The methodology produces deep change that coaching alone cannot achieve.

To understand beliefs, you need to understand consciousness itself. You will learn the philosophical underpinning of this methodology and why it works so well to transform lives rapidly and permanently.

By diving past the “story-telling” layer of the mind (explicit memory), and facilitating memory reconsolidation at the causal, or belief level of the mind (implicit memory), you will learn to facilitate profound shifts at the core of your clients’ psyche. Their long-held burdens will finally be lifted, and their forward momentum quickened. You will be seen as a wizard, creating powerful shifts and healing where your clients had been stuck for years.

Module Two

The Nature and Function of Beliefs, and How to Clear Them

In the second module, you’ll learn the core processes that enable deep transformation and change – a set of integrated techniques that involve all aspects of a person: body, brain, mind, spirit, soul, perception, understanding, and history.

In addition:

• You’ll learn the importance of boundaries in the developing psyche, the nature of resistance within the body, and how they function to limit our life. The BodyWisdom Process enables you to clear blocks and restrictions in the body.
• Core beliefs are our first and most potent structures of the mind. They determine our personality, attitude, and mindset. You will learn to find your clients’ core beliefs and free them, transforming your clients from the inside out. You will also understand family, social, cultural, and karmic influences.
• The key technique, the BeliefCloset Process, gives you a power-tool to use for your own transformation, and to help your clients move through any difficulty, pattern or issue.

inner child

Module Three

Healing Childhood Wounds, Inner Voices, and Trauma

In the third module, you will look deeply into the core of the psyche, and learn how our childhood experiences, including wounds and traumas, form the foundation of our personality structure. You will learn to deal with opposing beliefs that keep people stuck, and the inner voices that prevent many people from moving forward. This module includes a basic training in Voice Dialogue, as developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, and seamlessly integrates this powerful transformative methodology into the Clear Beliefs Method.

In addition:

• You will gain an understanding of the phases and levels of transforming Parts (also called voices, selves, and sub-personalities).
• The coaching competencies are reviewed. You will learn to combine the tools and techniques into an integrated tool-set of immense power.
• You will learn to be flexible and resilient in your use of the tools, customizing them to your individual clients, and to trust your intuition.
• You will learn two advanced proprietary techniques that are able to clear early childhood trauma, and transform our Inner Children.

Module Four

How to Use Beliefs to Manifest Your Dreams and Success

More people are stopped by their limited and negative beliefs than by any external circumstance. In the final module, you will come to understand how beliefs function as the filter through which we see life, make choices, and take actions. You will learn how the Clear Beliefs Method eliminates blocks, barriers and resistance that prevent your clients from manifesting the life they want.

In addition:
• Each technique is reviewed and integrated into a comprehensive whole, like a carpenter’s tool-belt with all the essentials at hand.
• You will integrate the techniques into your particular style of coaching, therapy, or healing, and your unique market niche.
• The techniques will be applied to your marketing skills, time-management process, and business success, to optimize your return on your investment.
• Opportunities are presented to join the Clear Beliefs Community, continue learning, and participate in future trainings as an assistant, mentor, and teacher.

The Training Includes:

20 2-hour live videoconference classes with Lion Goodman, the creator of the Clear Beliefs Process.

Weekly reading assignments from the comprehensive Clear Beliefs Instruction Manual, plus supplementary articles.

Weekly video recordings of lectures in the basic principles and instructions for each technique.

15 or more Clear Beliefs Sessions in which you are the Client, clearing your own beliefs and old psychological patterns.

Recordings of every class to review at your convenience – and anytime in the future.

Additional Resources for Continuous Learning, including articles, videos, recorded demos, and interviews with experts.

Email support during the course  – and into the future.

48 hours of CCE Credits from the International Coaching Federation

You will become a member of the Clear Beliefs Community– with hundreds of outstanding practitioners around the world.

Additional Bonus Classes with interviews of luminaries in the field of psychology and beliefs.

15 or more Clear Beliefs Sessions in which you Coach your student partner (scheduled at your mutual convenience).

Support and supervision from a Certified Clear Beliefs Mentor Coach.

Written scripts for each process, with step-by-step instructions to get the optimum results with your clients.

Be coached by Lion during class demonstrations of each technique.

A Certificate of Completion, granting you the title, Certified Clear Beliefs Coach.

Be listed in the online Coach Directory as a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach.

Use the Clear Your Beliefs audio program as a foundational product for your Clear Beliefs practice.

Use of promotional materials which you can co-brand, including the Clear Your Beliefs ebook.

Course Schedule

The next Clear Beliefs Coach Training begins September 22, 2020

Classes are every Tuesday on the following dates:

September 22, 29
October 6, 13, 20, 27
November 3, 10, 17, 24
December 1, 8, 15
(No classes Dec. 16 – Jan. 4)
January 5, 12, 19, 26
February 2, 9, and Graduation Feb. 16

All classes are: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Time
(2:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 to 9:00 pm GMT)

Practice times with your partner are scheduled at your mutual convenience.
For students in Australia, NZ, and Asia, a special group practices together with an Assistant Coach.

Reserve your seat now for the September 2020 training!

Course Tuition: $3,850

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The course begins September 22, 2020.