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Clear Beliefs is a transformational technology that rapidly catalyzes profound shifts – both in oneself and in one’s clients. More than 300 coaches, psychotherapists, healers, teachers and change agents around the world have graduated from the training.

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training is a potent combination of positive psychology, guided imagery, inner child work, mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, spiritual healing, neuroscience, energy medicine, and a unique belief-clearing technology.

This comprehensive tool set includes practical, integrated techniques that allow you to communicate directly with the subconscious mind, clear damaging early programming, and heal childhood wounds. With these tools, you can banish old beliefs and dissolve blocks that have interfered with life.

It is easy-to-learn, effective, and enjoyable. It will become one of your most powerful offerings to help your clients move forward – from the inside out. You can learn this effective skill-set in only twelve weeks of study and practice. The training is certified by the ICF for 48 hours of CCE credits.


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