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About Me

Namaste Beloved Ones,
I am an Evolutionary Artist of The Heart and Soul. As a Quantum Healer and Spiritual NLP Life Coach, I help healers, change makers and highly sensitive people remember their Soul’s Unique Expression on purpose. Aligned with body, mind, heart and soul, to living the life YOU were born to be living. From seed to bloom. From Divine Purpose to Divine Prosperity.


I guide people like You, through discovery of who it is you came here to be and live it from your authentic power aligned with your Soul’s Unique Creative Expression that only you can bring to this world.

Your soul purpose will keep calling you until you answer.
You are here to thrive!

You are here to create and live a life you love waking up to, while contributing in a way only YOU can and being prosperous.

Do you sense that there is more to life than what you are now experiencing?

Do you have a spiritual calling and or entrepreneurial urge that seems to be insatiable?

Do you find yourself in a challenging space of not being very happy with one or two areas of your life that keep repeating the same old patterns of what you do not want?

Do you desire to know the way through the chaos, lack and struggle to inner peace, love, joy, bliss, abundance, inspired creativity, authentic power, purpose, ease and grace?

Do you sense that what you seek and long for seeks and longs for you even more?

You know you are here for a much bigger reason than to pay your bills, but you have no idea what it is,  you are ready to discover Your Soul’s Unique Purpose.

When you know your purpose and more importantly OWN IT, doors open, life yields to your desire and your vision, synchronicities pave the path to you living your highest potential.

Changing the energy on the inside that no longer serves you, is what changes your world on the outside. It is a change in perception that can feel like a miracle everyday. Notice and expand your consciousness even more.

It all starts with Your Unique Soul Purpose.

Enter this journey knowing that nothing will ever be as challenging as you stepping into Your Unique Soul Purpose, and nothing will ever be as magical, fulfilling and rewarding.

Step in, if you’re ready to live your full potential, live on purpose, live connected to yourself and ALL THAT IS.

Step in if you know that nothing else, but your BEST VERSION OF YOU will do from now on.

Step in and know that you will be held with love, by somebody who has been walking this path and is not afraid to hold you to your highest vision of who you came here to be, as you dare to take each step into your magnificence.

Unlimited possibilities do exist and are yours to choose. Life is not about finding yourself by looking outside yourself, it is about remembering from the inside who you really are and creating yourself from the power of love. The time is now like no other time in history.

If not NOW, then when. If not YOU then who?

Let’s connect soon on a complimentary discovery session to help you get closer to the life you were meant to be living. May Your Dreams Become Your Reality!

Katherine Lia