The Three Universes

When learning about manifestation, it is easy to be skeptical. Someone says, “We create our own reality.” The Skeptic responds, “Okay, if you create your reality, then go ahead and create World Peace! Or create a beer right here in my hand!”

There is a cartoon of a man speaking to a drunk who has passed out in the gutter: “My good man! Aren’t you aware that you create your own reality, and you can choose anytime to change it? If you just say these affirmations, you can change your whole life…” We know how ridiculous this sounds, but if it’s true that we create our own reality, what is the explanation for the difficulties?

The answer lies in the fact that there is not one, but at least three overlapping universes, or domains (or levels of existence, or dimensions of reality):

1. The universe of Self (the Personal Universe)
2. The universe of Others (the Social Universe), and
3. The physical Universe (laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc.)

The three can be thought of as being nested – like Russian dolls, each one inside and part of the larger Universe surrounding it.

Consider this a working theory, and experiment within your own life.

Each domain has its own powerful laws, rules of creation, methods of operation, and technology for manifestation within it. If you learn the rules, you can manifest inside that universe. If you don’t know the rules, you don’t get to play the game. And there are always people who will pick up on that, and tell you what to do.


The Three Universes

    In your Personal Universe, which includes your experience, beliefs, sensations, feelings, thoughts, imagination, dreams, awareness, etc., you can create anything you wish. There are no limits other than those you impose on yourself (or accept others’ imposed limitations on you). Think about your night dreams, and you will see that in that realm, there is nothing that can’t happen. The same is true in your imagination. You can create anything simply by making it up or dreaming it up. 

You can declare “I am happy,” and to the extent of your ability, alignment, and energy, you can infuse your declaration with your will, and actually create the feeling of happiness. You can declare, “I am upset,” and become upset with anything (or everything) around you. This is the power of choice and attitude.

In the Personal Universe, the laws of creation involve imagination, declarations, or decrees: a communication invested with sufficient intention and effort to create an internal reality.

These are also called Affirmations, but we make an important distinction: most people do not invest sufficient intention or effort in their affirmations to actually create the reality they hope will happen, nor do they clear the interfering counter-beliefs, nor do they take actions in the world that are required to manifest that thing.

Some people believe that affirmations themselves have power – instead of recognizing the power of their own will. Manifestation of a declaration can occur immediately as states of being or feeling (“I am happy.”), or they can open up a path of opportunity to do or have something. An example is the declaration, “I can play the piano beautifully.” It takes study and practice over time to develop a skill or ability, so this declaration would open up opportunities and circumstances to create that reality (finding a piano teacher, buying a piano, practicing 3 hours ever day, etc.)

The Social Universe is larger than the Personal Universe. It encompasses my personal universe and your personal universe, and everyone else’s personal universe. In this realm, creation occurs through social interactions, including:

•  Language / communication / signaling
•  Making requests and promises
•  Keeping agreements and commitments (integrity, trust)
•  Enrollment / influencing / selling
•  Negotiating / compromising / written agreements
•  Controlling / dominating / bullying
•  Exchanging money, value goods, resources, power, sex for something else

The Physical Universe is larger than both the others, and it encompasses both of them. It was created prior to our arrival, so there’s nothing we can do to create matter. However, we can work with the created universe. In this universe, creation occurs through combinations of:
•  Attracting / acquiring
•  Moving / relocating
•  Shaping / cutting / reducing / sculpting
•  Joining / adhering / connecting
•  Decorating / transforming

If you wanted to create your dream house, you may be able to design it completely in your imagination. You can visit your dream house, walk around in it, and decorate it with your favorite objects. You can have a complete experience of your house in your own personal universe.

However, to bring it into the physical world, you need to engage in the social universe by talking to an architect, bankers, contractors, building supply companies, and local county officials. You have to communicate, negotiate, make agreements, and compromise in order to get your house built. You have to use the social resources of money, promises, and exchange to create the blueprints (the idea on paper), and the permits and permission to build your house.

Once you have completed all of these social universe steps, you can then begin moving the physical universe around. You move earth and rock around to build the foundation, take down some trees, and plant others. You move materials into place, and hire a team to put them together according to the blueprints, and shape them to the design you originally created in your mind.

This finally brings you dream (imagination) into reality (the real world). Then, you get to enjoy your creation. The downward flow of energy through the chakras is called Bhukti, which translates as “enjoyment.” You have worked with the laws of all three universes, as well as the be, do, and have realms. You had to BE a person with a vision and intention, in order to DO what needed to be done to bring your vision into reality, and then you get to HAVE what you wanted.

This is the answer to the question, “Okay, smartypants, if you can create any reality, create a beer in my hand.”

You say, “Okay, I will. I’m taking your personal universe idea of a beer, as a social universe request. I will make a promise/agreement to fulfill your request. I am going to go get some social resources called money, drive my physical universe car to the store, where beer has been manufactured and delivered. I will socially exchange the money I have for the beer that they have, and bring it back to you through the magic of all three universes, creating what I want, which is to make you happy!”

Then you can enjoy a couple of beers.

© Copyright 2011 by Lion Goodman. All rights reserved.

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