How to Clear Your Clients’
Limiting Beliefs

(… and your own while you’re at it!)

Learn about the powerful Clear Beliefs Method
for Deep, Rapid, & Permanent Transformation

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Lion Goodman standing

with Lion Goodman, PCC
Creator of the Clear Beliefs Method
and author of Creating On Purpose

Skillfully recognize, identify, and transform your clients’ (and your own) limiting beliefs precisely – and permanently – with the simple and effective Clear Beliefs Method.

Subconscious limiting beliefs are the #1 barrier to accomplishing goals and achieving success.

Unleashing your clients’ passion and power requires you to know exactly how to expose, explore, and eliminate internal blocks and resistance completely and permanently.

That’s why you need a deeply dependable set of master tools that can reliably shift every critical aspect of the Self: mind, body, spirit, emotion, memory, and motivation – so consistently and effectively they work every single time they are applied.


Lion will share two proven transformational techniques you can use RIGHT AWAY to create deep, impactful change in your own life, and in the lives of your clients.

Tool #1:
Identify the Belief at the Core

Underneath every problem, there’s a core belief,
the ultimate cause of the issue at hand.

You will learn this potent method of locating that source belief. When discovered, your client awakens to exactly what has been holding them back. This creates the opening and leverage for true healing and transformation.

Tool #2:
The Body as a Doorway

This simple embodied mindfulness technique
rapidly shifts your client from their intellect to their feelings. Like a magic wand, this simple process can relieve stress and upset, eliminate uncomfortable feelings, and open a path to healing.

It’s a direct route into your client’s subconscious mind.

Lion Goodman standing


As a teenager, I asked the big questions of life:
“Who am I? What are we doing here? Why do people do what they do?”

I studied everything I could about the brain, mind, body, and spirit, through psychology, neurology, philosophy, linguistics, history, and every spiritual practice I could discover.

At the age of 26, I was shot in the head four times by a man whose intent was to kill me. My near-death experience was profound. It woke me up, and changed my life.

From that point forward, I dedicated myself to creating success – in every area of my life. I became an executive coach, headhunter, businessman and entrepreneur. I got married and became a dedicated father. I explored dozens of transformational tools to heal my inner wounds. I discarded most of them, and integrated the very best of them.

I then shaped new, improved methodologies for deep personal transformation. Then I left the corporate world and dedicated my life to sharing these tools for healing and success.

I’ve helped thousands of people heal from their early childhood traumas, and helped them eliminate self-defeating patterns. I created the Clear Beliefs Coach Training, which now has more than 375 graduates from 21 countries around the world.

I would love to share with you what I’ve learned during my 45-year quest.