Graduates of the
Clear Beliefs Coach Training

Speak About Their Experience & Results

Karmjit Singh

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Clear Beliefs Coach Training with Lion Goodman to everyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of how beliefs work, and how to change them. Lion’s profound understanding of the human psyche and the spiritual realm is outstanding. He is an awesome human being and a great teacher.

~ Andrea Grace
Life Coach, Boca Raton, Florida

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training gives coaches and other practitioners a helpful skill set. We often run into the blocks and challenges our clients are struggling with. Now I can identify the core beliefs that are deeply imbedded, even hidden, from my clients (and from myself!). This is monumental. Once I uncover the core belief, I can now clear it from my client’s subconscious mind, which clears the way for them to achieve what they truly want to achieve. I recommend this program for everyone, both for deep personal work, and also as a skill for professional development.

~ Nancy Smith
Medium and Akashic practitioner, Haverhill, MA

Tandy Pryor

Wendy Lyon

I have taken several trainings and certification courses in my career, and this one is the most comprehensive I’ve ever experienced. You can only take a client as far as you have been willing to go yourself. This course seamlessly takes you from personal development to coaching mastery. Lion gives you everything you need to feel confident and successful in helping your clients make quantum leaps in their lives. The techniques border on the miraculous, but they’re grounded in science and presented step-by-step, so you can apply them immediately. Taking this course was the best decision I’ve made for myself, my clients, and my business. Thank you, Lion, for putting together such a comprehensive, transformational, and powerful course in belief change. You provide every tool we need to be successful in our lives. Words can’t do justice to the gratitude I feel for having found this training.

~ Stacey Key
Inner Beauty Influencer, San Diego

I just completed the Clear Beliefs Coach Training and I am beyond grateful for its comprehensiveness, quality and transformative power, as well as for Lion’s generosity, sincerity and mastery as a teacher and guide. I’ve received effective and cutting-edge tools to transform the lives of my clients, and in addition, got the opportunity to identify, challenge and transform my own limiting beliefs, thought patterns and self-perceptions – a key to becoming a successful coach. It will be an honor and joy to work as a certified Clear Beliefs Coach. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with my coaching clients!

~ Anna Brismar
MindShift Coaching, Stockholm, Sweden

Monique Whiting

Boris Toplak

If you are searching for clear, precise, compassionate tried & true, simple, and vastly effective ways to help your clients, search no further. Lion Goodman has a methodology to relieve deep wounds and trauma, and replace them with self-created and self-empowering strategies for creating a better life.

~ Dr. Celeste Skardis
Functional Medicine Intuitive, Santa Fe, NM

Before I learned the Clear Beliefs Method, something was missing in my coaching. When clients wanted to fully explore an issue, I felt like I was scratching at the surface. Now, I can really go deep, and feel confident in my ability to do so! What made the difference is Lion’s ability to teach powerful coaching methodologies in a practical way, along with the hours of peer practice and feedback in each technique. I have fully integrated these methods into my practice.

~ Kathryn G.
Leadership Coach, Colorado

Anna Brismar

Tan Tang Hee

I loved every minute of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training. Lion is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He has a huge amount of expertise that he truly and passionately shares with us. Not only his live classes, but his notes and additional materials (there’s a LOT) – all are highly relevant and useful. This training is life changing, and you really get a lot of value for your money.

~ Agnes D.
Life Coach, California

This is a deep program that will enhance the practice of any professional coach. The theoretical context gives a rich and comprehensive context for the incorporation and use of the many different tools we learned. Lion generously shared his experience and knowledge, to strengthen both our knowledge and skills, so we can be successful in our practice with our clients.

~ Alina Cuervo E.
Life and Executive Coach, Bogotá Colombia

Nancy Smith

Agnes D.

The richness of the CBCT program far outweighs other courses, especially in its content and resources. I felt like I got the equivalent of a Master’s degree (minus the rigors of a graduate program). In only three months, I gained much self-knowledge and considerable growth in emotional maturity and spiritual development. I deeply appreciate Lion’s breadth of expertise with the material and his generosity of heart. He lavishly bestowed compassion on us as students, and he shared his wisdom and resources from decades of his own self-realization journey.

~ Lea P.
Life Coach, Brooklyn, NY

This training was intense and to the point, yet highly relevant and very impactful. It has been helpful already, even at this early learning stage. The course provided awesome value for my investment. It has also added very important tools for handling the many different kinds of issues people face. In this training, we had to dig deep into our own psyche, because we have to go there before we can take our client there. Lion took us there! And even further… And at the end of the course, he showed us what lies beyond that, as well. Lion is an excellent guide and a helpful mentor.

~ Tang

Frieder Krups

Drea Besch

I highly recommend the Clear Beliefs Coach Training to anyone who wants to improve their coaching skills to empower their clients to achieve their goals. The techniques I learned in this class are invaluable, and your clients will thank you.

~ Lori B.
Relationship Coach, Pasadena, CA

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Clear Beliefs Coach Training to everyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of how beliefs work, and how to change them. Lion’s profound understanding of the human psyche and the spiritual realm is outstanding. He is an awesome human being and a great teacher.

~ Andrea Grace
Life Coach, Boca Raton, Florida

Ewald Stoffler

Kathryn Grohusky

I took this training to learn additional ways to facilitate deep subconscious change. I am delighted I did. It is an excellent course, with an absolute treasure trove of information about beliefs, the psyche, human behavior and more! Lion is a fantastic teacher – kind-hearted, patient and extremely knowledgeable. This deep dive into the human psyche is born out of his years of study and practice, as well as a genuine interest in human experience and transformation. Lion creates a very comfortable and inclusive learning environment, and is both grounded and accommodating. These skills will last a lifetime, and produce great results. Highly recommended!

~ Paul M.
Advanced PSTEC Therapist, England

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training is an essential advanced-level program for anyone in coaching, healing, or therapy professions. It has truly helped me understand the structure and impact of beliefs and how they are really at the core of transformational and healing work. I now feel capable of guiding others into the development of deeper self-awareness and self-empowerment. The techniques I learned have provided me with tools in working with the language of the subconscious mind.

~ Lisette Nazario
CPC Transformational Life Coach & Energy Therapist, Bloomfield, NJ

Tatiana Simplicio

Andrea Ferrante

As a transformational coach, this course was one of the most impactful I have ever taken. The benefit is immeasurable, not only for myself, but also for my clients. Lion’s teaching style and support is so clear, concise, supportive and loving that it made the experience unforgettable. The class interactions and demos helped create a safe, trusting environment that ignited real transformation. Taking this class was definitely a WOW experience!

~ Gayle Klauser
Transformational Coach, Minneapolis, MN

I left an 18-year career in management to return to my original love of counseling and coaching. I was attracted to the program’s focus on getting to root causes and going deep to eliminate limiting beliefs. Lion modeled fearless facilitation. He demonstrated acceptance and appreciation of deep feelings that come up. He was clearly comfortable, having done his research, and he developed the techniques and the program. I love that the processes are creative, embodied and help clients get outside of linear thinking. It clears beliefs at the core and provides alternative, life enhancing beliefs. The program was experiential and meaningful, and Lion was generous and available. We had enough practice time to fully engage and learn the techniques at depth. I also love that clients are able to implement the techniques themselves once they learn the processes, freeing them from dependence on the therapist.

~ M.N.
Portland, OR

Sharon Fisher

Agata Szkiel

The Clear Beliefs Process is a very powerful method to help your clients get real and identify the core limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, and haunting them for way too long. It was amazing to realize how many “belief filters” we’ve accumulated over the years, and how Lion’s process can handle them all. In the deep dive of this class, you can gear up with an integrated toolbox of methods to clear beliefs, trace and dissolve traumas, update your sub-personalities, and heal your inner child. They can also be easily integrated into other modalities you have already learned. Clear Beliefs is a unique offering and an exceptional value for any coach, therapist, healer or professional helper.

~ Mark Menarik
Clear Beliefs Coach, Chicago, IL

You’ll learn to clear old beliefs and install new beliefs. It’s easy to understand. The results will be far greater for your clients when you calm down your mind, listen to your intuition, and let the process work. The techniques you learn support deep transformation, and you learn how to use your intuition to work directly with your client’s needs. Even with my critical eye, I am totally satisfied with all aspects of this training.

~ Hannes Keßler
Clear Beliefs Coach, Magdeburg, Germany

Triska Alima Moosa

Mark Menarik

This was the richest program I have ever taken. Lion is the best teacher I have ever met in my life. He has an amazing and open personality that gives more than expected, always cheerful, joyous, full of compassion, gratitude and appreciation. I learned so many tools and resources, I am in absolute awe! I truly cannot find proper words to describe this amazing program.

~ Agata Szkiela
Translating Cultures International, Poland & Canada

I had been struggling with seasonal affect disorder, depression, family stress, and emotional & verbal abuse from my partner. I learned through the Clear Beliefs Program that my beliefs about myself could be discreated & replaced with new beliefs. I also learned how to change my reactions. For example, when being battered verbally, to simply not respond & leave the premises. I was able to forgive many people, as I realized they had behaved badly because of their beliefs.

~ B. Lund
Clear Beliefs Coach, Cape Cod, MA

Jeanette Mounts

Jim Milner

The ClearBeliefs Training allows radical change in every aspect of existence. Lion leads his class with impeccability, wisdom and compassion. He weaves together history (from antiquity to now), space (from your local environment to the Universe) and many different disciplines (philosophy, science, psychology …). I enjoyed all of his written material and resources, and all of the techniques I learned. I truly admire how patiently and powerfully Lion worked with each of us, and how he addressed students’ concerns and questions. He is an outstanding instructor, leader, healer, writer, speaker, and researcher. He is committed to share the best of himself. He accepts people wherever they are, and leads them with grace and humility to find the path of purpose. You will become empowered to help your clients (and yourself) to manifest anything and everything you wish… You’ll have the tools to re-create yourself and your clients by dropping any limiting beliefs, and remembering your sacredness and your unlimited possibilities.

~ Bee Bee Ernotte
Dorena Lake Eco Sanctuary, Cottage Grove, Oregon

The techniques you’ll learn in this training are extremely valuable. You’ll be able to provide your clients with options for clearing their deepest old beliefs – including the ones that are difficult to let go of. They cut through resistance like a knife through butter. Lion is a great teacher, and during the course, you’ll have the opportunity to use the method to clear up your own issues.

~ Michelle Berrios
RTT Advanced Hypnotherapist, Vallejo, CA

Theresa (Tree) Tenney

Sharon Okun

I feel confident in using the techniques I learned, not only because they works, but because of how it is all presented. The attitude that we are exploring and experimenting with these tools, and we can integrate them into the methods we’re already using. It was amazing to witness the changes – in myself and others – during the course. It was a great learning experience for all of us. And I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lion. He is kind, compassionate, and strong when he needs to be. During the course, my one-on-one session with him was life changing for me – an absolute undeniable shift! It has certainly re-sparked me as a coach.

~ Jeanette Mounts
ACC, CBC, Intentions Life Coaching, Denver, CO

Lion has a great deal of expertise, and he was able to convey the knowledge in a manner that was accessible. The course content could have been heavy and too technical, but Lion gave examples and did demos that clarified the concepts. I feel well-prepared, and my clients are already seeing the benefits. I also valued that his teaching style made the information digestible for different kinds of learners, with audio, video, a written manual, and detailed lesson notes. I need to hear new concepts, see them demonstrated, and then read and practice the technique. Now, when I guide others through the process, I can get myself out of the way – it’s all about the client’s process. And to facilitate people’s deep transformation is a true privilege.

~ Olive Amoh
London, England

Lorraine LaPointe

Heather Dempsey

The Clear Beliefs training fills in the missing pieces that other programs don’t (or won’t) take on. I now feel confident to intuitively support others with almost any issue they might present. This program offers techniques for creating positive outcomes related to trauma, emotional dis-regulation, and even physical issues such as pain. Now I’m fully prepared for the universe to bring the people I’m supposed to help.

~ L. LaPointe
Head Heart Synergy, Ontario, Canada

Lion’s Clear Beliefs Coach Training was an experiential opportunity to become more fully embodied and deeply integrated with my existing knowledge, wisdom, experience, and healing. This has empowered me to move forward to serve others, help them discover their unconscious beliefs & patterns, and heal their childhood wounds. Everything was outstanding: the processes taught; the personal attention; being acknowledged & heard; interaction with fellow students; and the support from Lion & his team. I have gained more personal confidence as a coach & healer, and I’m now prepared to step out in a bigger way to share my gifts. This training is like the cherry on top of the frosted cake I have been creating for the past 8 years!

~ Sharon A. Fisher
Certified Life Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, Comfort Coaching, Binghamton, NY

Michele (Mikki) Nutt

Gayle Klauser

This is one of the best classes I have taken. The journey is fun, and after just one session, I completely forgot some of my lifelong limiting beliefs. The classes are down to earth, mixing reality and imagination and wow! Lion is a methodical, logical, and caring instructor. He listens carefully with all his senses and intuition. Take the chance and try this out-of-the-box program.

~ Marlene Gibb
Coaching, Training and Interviewing Entrepreneurs, Monrovia, CA

I definitely received more value from this training than I had anticipated. The research behind the method is a solid foundation for the depth and breadth of the method. And it provides real results. It’s a straightforward way to help people access their subconscious beliefs, and clear the ones that no longer serve them. The technique doesn’t dig into the client’s ‘story’ – and it has no need to – which feels very safe. This isn’t psychotherapy. The tangible tools and techniques empower the client from several different angles. I appreciated Lion’s support and his aptitude for handling a large group and keep everyone included. His generosity felt wonderful, and there was no sign of ‘lack’ anywhere. I liked his relaxed down-to-earth style and his ability to stay on point – a wonderful balance. This makes it easier to stay present and dive in deeply. Thank you for the tools and space to learn, experience and be supported along the way.

~ T.M.
Co-Active coach, Austin, TX

Arzu Ozkose

Mara Schiffren

The CBCT will teach you how to create transformation on a deep level. It can be used to impact any area of one’s life. Changing beliefs that hold one back is critical, and it can be achieved through the Clear Beliefs Process. The training manual is thorough and covers many situations and possibilities a coach might encounter in their practice. I’m so glad I took this course – for my own growth as well as my work with others!

~ Tree Tenney
Transformational Coaching, Westbrook, Maine

This was a unique experience. Throughout the course, I was searching deep inside of my whole being, and transforming many of the hidden agendas of my psyche. Although I have been working on my belief system with other techniques before, I had chance to go even deeper, and was amazed at the quick transformation the processes provided. I have already started to use the process in my coaching practice. Thank you, Lion. And thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful training.

~ Arzu, Ozkose
Prema Coaching, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Doris Helge

Alison Seveon

The Clear Belief Coaching Training is smoothly transforming my life. I loved the holistic aspect of the program, working with body, mind and spirit. I have now a set of tools that I am using every day – whenever I come across a blocking or limiting belief. I feel more confident, freer and able to conduct my life. I have more space to be! The Clear Belief Coaching Training is a unique course. Lion designed it so that we could experience deep connections to our fellow students, course assistants and the teacher. By the end of the course, I really knew my colleagues and felt their support. It’s a live community of coaches from all over the world that goes beyond the classroom, and beyond the course. I had a fantastic time and I would repeat it again to get even more!

~ T.S.
Brussels, Belgium

I took this class to deal with my own blocks; however, I discovered so much more. Each technique that Lion teaches allows the client to take a deep inner journey and release old traumas and beliefs that no longer serve. They meet instrumental parts of the personality that are unconsciously driving decision making. It is a fascinating journey inwards. And I cannot think of anyone who is interested in exploring their own inner terrain or in helping others to do the same, who would not benefit from this course. And from learning these techniques.

~ Mara Schiffren
PhD, Health Ascent, Functional Medicine Coaching, USA

Arielle Semin

Phoenix Huber

Taking this program has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. I cannot believe how much is offered during the program and you could spend the next few years studying the resources provided! The skills I have learned have provided me an opportunity to offer belief clearing as a stand-alone service, and it has enhanced my life coaching practice. I feel totally empowered to help my clients clear the things that no longer serve them. I also have the tools to do some serious work on myself to improve all aspects of my life. I am so grateful for the Clear Beliefs Coaching Program and for Lion – all his knowledge, kindness and how available he is to his students.

~ H.Dempsey
Columbia, PA

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training has transformed my healing business! I’m a holistic spa owner, providing treatments as a Reiki Master Healer, Vibrational Energy Therapist, and holistic esthetician. In my practice, I often feel that it’s necessary to “dig deeper” in order to support my clients in a richer, more meaningful way. Lion’s training gave me the knowledge and confidence to provide this to my clients! If you are a healer, coach, or therapist, you will be nothing but pleased by the content and depth of this class. Lion will surely take you to the next level, both personally and in your business.

~ Cheri Petroni
Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Andrea Grace

The Clear Beliefs Coach Training is an essential advanced-level program for anyone in coaching, healing, or therapy professions. It truly helped me understand the structure and impact of a belief and how beliefs are really at the core of transformational and healing work. I now feel capable of guiding others in developing a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-empowerment. The techniques I learned in CBCT have provided me with tools to work directly with the language of the subconscious

~ Lisette Nazario
CPC Transformational Life Coach & Energy Therapist, Bloomfield, NJ

This course was a turning point in my life. I knew before that we are not victims in our lives. But it was a new way of thinking and living that we are powerful Creators.  I’m still surprised to realize the carapace I was living in before I entered this space that is so full of love, energy and acceptance. My huge thank to Lion for the creation of a new life pathh for me! The techniques turned out to be simple-to-learn, but they can turn your life upside-down in the best sense of the word. The  live demos were awesome, and I learned so much from them that it is dificult to say what was more useful – the theory or the practice! 🙂

~ Ekaterina Mironenko

The content of this class is critical to completing the healing journey. Without it, there is less resolution, more sticky parts, and a lot less of the good stuff of life. Lion is a master, from the way he guides the group into a state of presence, to his deep understanding of patterns, to the power of understanding the building blocks of belief. It is all a foundation for creating quality in our lives and in the lives of our clients.

~ Andrea Ferrante
Beyond Ordinary Life, Falmouth, Maine

This is the only program I have ever taken that cut through everything that holds people back from reaching their goals. This class was amazing because it taught us how to access the imaginal realm to help ourselves, and our clients, to remove stubborn beliefs that are stuck in our psyche – even the ones from birth. Before I took this class I thought I knew what was holding me back. The truth is that I was not even close. I finally got a grasp on what was holding me back: beliefs that were indoctrinated into me, from birth, by my parents. I learned amazing strategies, techniques and practices to clean up my beliefs so I can finally succeed in life. I can’t wait to teach everyone these ways to access their subconscious mind to achieve true healing. I learned more in 3 months than I ever did in my 52 years of life! And I have a Bachelors and post graduate degree! Once you are able to access and eliminate the beliefs that are holding you back, anything is possible.

~ Sharon Okun
Certified Clear Beliefs Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist

Lion has a kind and down-to-earth manner as he leads his merry band of students into the imaginal realm. I appreciate his reverence for the transformative power of that realm, and the tools he’s put together to traverse it. He’s also put together a really helpful written manual with a gi-normous appendix full of interesting articles and viewpoints.

~ C.H.
Life Coach, Mill Valley, California

Through this programme it became more clear to me that the reason we have treated earth unsustainably is related to beliefs we received in early childhood. This area is new and needs urgent attention. The methods used in the course work with individuals. If beliefs can be considered as an important source of today’s global problems, this has implications on many levels. I am grateful to have increased my awareness of this area, both for my own functioning and for my grasp of what is happening in the world.

~ Maiken Larsen
Pacha Media & Consultancy, The Netherlands

This method of deep inner change work is genius in its effectiveness for lifelong transformation. The combination of enrolling the conscious mind, plus the subconscious (or other-than-conscious) mind, along with the higher consciousness, allows the client to fully connect their parts in an elegant, straightforward way. Lion’s adept leadership and training makes it easy to apply this method in practice. I loved it so much I jumped at the chance to re-experience it, and deepened my understanding in this second time of review. It was even better than the first time! Lion is at the TOP of my favorite teachers list and I take a LOT of trainings. He teaches from the heart with extraordinary care and he models the best in flexibility and curiosity. He is intelligent, entertaining, available for support, and he genuinely cares about every student, as well as the clients we will be working with. It’s a beautiful blend of optimism and realism.

~ Nina Potter
Relationship Coach, St. Paul, MN

This course is transformational for novice and experienced coaches alike. Lion took us on a fascinating and inspiring journey during the training. Diving deep into the unconscious, we explored innovative ways to transform the psyche from the core outwards. This course not only changed and enriched my therapeutic practice, it changed me. I loved it! I have already used the processes with great success with my private clients. It is also highly useful for me personally. As a therapist, this fits well into my somatic work, inner child work, and shadow work. It combines easily with both hypnotherapy and attachment therapy. I loved the demonstrations and enjoyed the bonus session with Carista immensely. And the individual session I had with Lion was life changing.

~ Madelaine de Klerk
Somatic Psychotherapist, Chiang Mai, Thailand