How to Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs

… and clear your own while you’re at it!

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Delete your clients’ limiting beliefs (and also your own) permanently with the simple and effective Clear Beliefs Method.

If your mission is to help others achieve their dreams…

You’ve seen your clients get stuck, falter, or quit, stopping their forward movement.

Do you have the tools to help them when that happens? When they get frustrated, or can’t break out of their old habits patterns? When their childhood wounds rise up and cause internal breakdowns?

To help your clients solve their deepest problems, you need to change their limiting beliefs operating below the surface – in their subconscious mind.

Would you like to learn how?

Unleash your clients’ passion and power by eliminating their internal blocks and resistance.

Subconscious limiting beliefs are the #1 barrier to accomplishing our goals and achieving success.

In this special free training, I’ll share 2 proven transformational techniques you can use to create deep, impactful change in your own life, and in the lives of your clients.

You’ll learn these 2 ways to create profound consciousness change:

Tool #1:  Identify the Belief at the Core 

We have thousands of beliefs stored in our subconscious mind, and many are negative, limiting, or disempowering.  Underneath every problem, there’s a core belief – the ultimate cause of the trouble. Lion will teach one method of locating that source belief.  When discovered, your client awakens: “Oh my God… that’s it!”  This creates the opening and leverage for true healing and transformation.

Tool #2: The Body as a Doorway

This simple embodied mindfulness technique rapidly shifts your client from their intellect to their feelings. Learn how to gently guide attention inward, and bring them toward the truth of the real issue. Like a magic wand, this simple process can relieve stress and upset, eliminate uncomfortable feelings, and open a path to healing. It’s a direct route into your client’s subconscious mind.

Negative and limiting beliefs create internal resistance, loss of power, and self-sabotage.

But how do you change them?

Your clients’ beliefs act as internal counter-forces, stopping them from taking the action they know they should take. Limiting beliefs cause resistance, back-peddling, distraction, and vacillation. They get stuck. 

Negative self-beliefs wreak havoc when they show up as an inner voice, such as the Inner Critic, Doubter, or Annihilator. If you don’t have tools to help your client when these saboteurs show up, you can’t help them move forward.

They may blame you for their frustration. Your reputation is at stake.

Most coaching schools don’t teach you how to clear beliefs, heal core wounds, or change subconscious patterns.

You may have been told that coaching focuses on the present and the future.  “Leave the past to the psychotherapists!”  That would be good advice if were weren’t affected by our past. This type of forward-looking coaching makes your client feel better for awhile, but the effects don’t last. Their old habit patterns return, and all of your visioning, planning, practices and accountability go right out the window.

You can’t create a new future unless you deal with beliefs from the past.

We all want a better life. Manifestation is not easy (in spite of the “magical law of attraction“). It takes determination, action, and perseverance.

When your old beliefs about yourself, others, or the world jump up and stop your forward movement, you need a set of tools that can shift every aspect of the Self: mind, body, spirit, emotion, memory, and motivation – consistently and effectively – every time.

This may be disappointing news: If you haven’t cleared your own beliefs, you won’t be able to help your clients clear theirs.  And you won’t be able to achieve tru greatness that will set you apart as a stellar coach, healer, or change agent.

I’ll be discussing ALL of these ideas – and provide you with some answers – during the upcoming webinar. I’ll share two of my favorite ways to deep-dive into the subconscious mind – a small sample of the power of the Clear Beliefs Method.

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About Lion

As a teenager, I asked the big questions of life: “Who am I?  What are we doing here?  Why do those people do that?”

I studied everything I could about the brain, mind, body, and spirit, through psychology, neurology, philosophy, linguistics, history, and every spiritual practice I could discover.

At the age of 26, I was shot in the head four times by a man who decided to kill me. My near-death experience was profound. It woke me up, and changed my life.

From that point forward, I dedicated myself to creating success – in every area of my life. I became an executive coach, headhunter, businessman and entrepreneur.  I got married and became a terrific father. I explored dozens of transformational tools to heal my inner wounds.  I discarded most of them, and integrated the best of them. I then shaped new, improved methodologies for deep personal transformation. Then I left the corporate world (the dot.bomb helped) and dedicated my life to sharing these tools for healing and success.

I’ve helped thousands of people heal from their early childhood traumas, and helped them eliminate self-defeating patterns. I created the Clear Beliefs Coach Training, which now has more than 375 graduates from 21 countries around the world. Coaches, healers, and therapists of all kinds have learned how to create profound, powerful, and permanent transformation for their clients.  They love what they learn, and I love to teach it!  (Check out the awesome reviews!)

I would love to share what I’ve learned during my 45-year quest.

Join me for this free webinar, where I’ll share 2 of my favorite power tools with you. Register below.

I hope to see you there!  

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Rave Reviews

An Effective Method
to Heal Core Wounds

“Lion is a consummate teacher, with a wealth of knowledge about the workings of the human psyche. If you help others transform, you should study with him. The Clear Beliefs Process is the most effective method I’ve seen to heal deep core wounds and remove the blocks and barriers that stop people from moving forward.”

Anodea Judith

Best-selling author of Wheels of Life
Sacred Centers

One of the Best Internal
Change Techniques

“The Clear Beliefs Process is one of the best internal change techniques I have ever found. With these practical techniques, I help my clients easily eliminate limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and become truly empowered. It’s fast, effective, and the impact is apparently permanent.”

Tom Rausch

CEO, Founder
Leadership Beyond Limits

Cleared Permanently
in a Short Period of Time

“I love the simple and creative elegance of the Clear Beliefs Process. Deeply embedded, unconscious beliefs can be surfaced and cleared permanently – in an amazingly short period of time.”

Claire Sierra

Bliss Breakthrough Coaching

Clients Love the
Results They Get

“This process is ingenious! It’s novel, profound, and it bypasses the mind’s traps that prevent change. My clients love it – both for how they feel afterwards and for the results they get. I’ve integrated the Clear Beliefs Process into my work helping individuals craft their next phase of life. I can’t imagine coaching without these powerful transformational tools.”

Howard Sambol

Life Crafting Program

Nothing Has
Worked Better!

“The Clear Belief Coach Training slices through clients’ resistance and self-sabotaging beliefs like a hot knife through butter. I’ve been coaching for more than 10 years. Nothing has worked better than Clear Beliefs to help my clients expand their self-awareness, take accountability, and move forward.”

Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACSLC

Founder and CEO
Institute of Transformational Coaching

Like a Magic Wand…

I have trained in multiple modalities. because people get stuck.  Most belief-change processes are not very thorough. The Clear Beliefs Process is the deepest one I’ve found to date. It’s like a magic wand – truly extraordinary. They are not only powerful, they are also a pleasure to use. This program works for anyone  who’s willing to look within and change.”

 Katrine Klok

Hypnotherapist, NLP coach, LOA Practitioner, Theta Healer