Clear Beliefs Graduate Program

The Clear Beliefs Graduate Program is for all graduates of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training. During the past 15 years, graduates include more than 600 professional coaches, healers, consultants and doctors from 45 countries around the world.  

We will explore a wide range of topics to deepen our learning and practice. Our meetings will be open educational forums, not lectures.

If you have topics you would like to discuss, reach out to Lion with your ideas. Your unique perspectives and wisdom are warmly welcomed. This is a co-learning environment, a place where we can experiment and grow – a collaboratory!

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There will be two sessions each month

In the first session of the month, we’ll focus on the Clear Beliefs Method and expand what you learned in the training. I will do demos of advanced techniques with volunteers, and we’ll discuss your particular cases, offering group wisdom and problem solving suggestions.

We will explore one topic each time we meet, for example:

  • Virtues and Values – How We Behave, and How We Might Behave
  • The Human Needs Map  – Wants, Desires, and Longings
  • Coping Mechanisms and Adaptive Strategies
  • Love, Sex and Relationship Beliefs
  • Our Multiple Identities – Can They Be Cleared? 
  • The Illusion of Control and the Possibilities of Influence
  • Beliefs of Leaders and Organizations – Domination and Command & Control

In the second session of each month, we’ll explore techniques and methodologies from outside formal Clear Beliefs territory, but offer additional tools for our transformational toolbag. Some of our guest speakers are graduates of the CB training, others are outsiders who discovered their own unique way to clear beliefs, work with trauma, or create inner harmony.

Here are some of the professionals who will present their wisdom:

  • Rachel Dungan, MCC: Polish your skills as an Observer and Giver of Feedback
  • Tom Tarbert: The Direct Method of Clearing Structures
  • Silvia Causo: Kundalini Activation Combined with Clear Beliefs Method
  • Gladius Sovereign: The Sovereign Mind Method
  • Anodea Judith: Creating On Purpose, Manifesting through the Chakras

Other speakers and presenters to be invited:

  • Rikka Zimmerman: Belief Clearing with Divine Love
  • Mark Waldman: Neurocoaching, and why you shouldn’t focus on early childhood memories
  • Alena Gomez-Rodriguez: The Zen Supermom Program
  • Beth Scanzani: Voice Dialogue Mastery
  • Tamar Stone: Voice Dialogue Classic
  • Tim Kelley: The True Purpose Method
  • Keith Merron: Transformation Coaching for Leaders
  • Ryan Gallen: The RIM Method
  • Tori Olds: Memory Reconsolidation and the Coherence Method
  • … and many more.
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This will be a very exciting year of deep exploration of our favorite topic:

           The Human Psyche, and How to Transform It

This is a subscription-based program with automatic billing.

As a Subscriber to The Graduate Program, you will get access to ALL past recordings and future classes as long as you are subscribed.

It’s a graduate-level education for only $225 per month, and you can cancel anytime.

Or, purchase a 3-month subscription for only $200 per month (total of $600 for 3 months).  

Or, purchase a 6-month subscription for only $175 per month (total of $1,050 for 6 months). 

Cancel anytime, and you won’t be automatically charged for the next period. No refunds for early cancellation.

Remember: as long as your subscription is active, you can view all of the past class recordings, and enjoy all future classes.

Meeting Days and Times

We will meet on the
SECOND TUESDAY of each month,
beginning August 13th
from 9:30 to 11:00 am PT

August 13th, September 10th,
October 8th, November 12th


We will also meet on the
FOURTH WEDNESDAY of each month,
beginning August 28th
from 9:30 to 11:00 am PT

August 28th, September 25th,
October 23rd, November 27th

If you’re not able to join the program live, your subscription gives you access to ALL the program recordings.

This is going to be fun! And interesting. And challenging. And educational!

You will also meet other members of our worldwide community – incredible people and outstanding practitioners. You’ll have access to the roster of subscribers so you can reach out to other graduates in the community. Meet cool people! Exchange sessions! Make new friends to commune with!

Please join us by clicking HERE.

I hope to see you when we begin the program on August 13th (my birthday)!

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