The Clear Beliefs Coach Training No Risk Tuition Back Guarantee is described in FULL here.

Full Guarantee:

This Guarantee applies ONLY to those who complete either the 8-class Level 2 or the 16-class Level 3 programs. There is no refund or guarantee for the Level 1 program.

You must complete all assignments, including watching videos, reading lessons, quizzes, and practice of each technique as outlined in the Course Requirements. If you have not gotten significant transformation in yourself, and gained significant skills in coaching for transformation, we will refund 100% of your tuition after a debrief conversation with Lion Goodman. You must complete all of the work in the program to be eligible for this guarantee.

Additional Definitions and Description:

Your tuition is the amount you pay to be a participant in the CBCT course. If you received any discounts or scholarships from Lion Goodman or The Clear Beliefs Institute, then your tuition is the NET amount that you paid.

If you choose to request a refund, you must provide documentation of your program progress, including verification of your work completion, and verification by your Assistant Coach.

Defining “Doing the Work”

You must watch or listen to ALL recordings teaching sessions of this program, read all the pdf documents, and do all homework and assignments as outlined in the Learnworlds Course Platform. You must also engage in practice sessions with your practice partners and submit all required reports. In addition, you must take all quizzes and pass the Mid-course Exam and Final Exam.

The Review Session is a component of the graduation and certification process. Your first reviewed session is included. If additional review sessions are required for you to graduate and be certified, additional charges will apply.

The Timeframe of the Guarantee

You have up to 2 months following the completion of your course to be eligible for a refund under this guarantee. After this 2 month period, you will no longer be eligible for this guarantee and waive any rights to reclaiming your tuition based on this guarantee.

If you have any questions about this guarantee, you can send an email to [email protected].

Updated 3/14/2022